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Gold rush slot

The ultimate slot gaming adventure, Gold Rush is themed around just that! Created by the developers at Pragmatic Play, this game features a gaming experience which harks back to the mining era.

Gold rush is set across five reels, with three rows and 25 pay lines, and what inspired this game is the infamous Californian gold rush which occurred toward the end of the 20th century. Click to play Gold Rush Slot today.

Gameplay on this UK slot game

This game has taken metaphors and made them literal to give you the ultimate in gaming experience and immersing you in adventure.

When you get to the home page of Gold rush slot game, you will find that the reels are set across a great dramatic theme which really encapsulates the image this game is projecting – which is of course, mining.

You will see that the entrance leads into an ancient and decrepit wood mine, which is a simple yet effective way to create drama and get the player’s heart racing, as you aren’t exactly sure what’s in store once you go inside.

So, as the reels are set against this back drop of a shabby wood mine, this allows the reels to be spun around and around within the darkness, again this really immerses you in the world of adventure and you really feel like you have begun an expedition.

The background noise is also great at creating this effect, which is a mix of sounds including a banjo which is the instrument that can mostly be heard with under tones of physical labour noises which really sets the scene and brings you to an atmosphere of mining.

The reels feature traditional playing cards which make up some of the symbols on offer, and the playing cards are also the symbols which make up the lower values, which range from the number 10 through to the letter A.

The wild is a bunch of dynamite sticks and subs for all else except the scatter. 

Gold Rush special Features

The symbols which are above these are among those you would expect from a game which has been themed around mining, and those symbols are also of things you would expect from a mining work being done.

Among the symbols which are above the cards, you will find available some mining tools, a gas lamp, a wood cart which is loaded and piled high with gold nuggets and the most valuable of all the symbols includes a smiling and bearded prospector who has got an axe over his shoulder and a nice fat wedge of a gold nugget in his hand.

The scatter is the game’s bonus feature, which offers free spins. To trigger this, get three of the tunnel symbols anywhere on the second, third and fourth rows and you get 10 free spins.

Then, whenever you get an added scatter symbol during this free spins round, you get an extra two spins. This can prolong the game for a while when lady luck is on your side!


A fun game that gives you gold! You can also get a golden nugget symbol when the round is up and running, and the more of these, the more prospectors you can get.

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