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Review of internet browsers for Windows 10

 internet browsers for Windows 10
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The Internet browser is one of the most important things to have installed on your computer. It allows you to navigate the world wide web, without which your computer is confined to narrow limits. Let’s be honest, the internet is what runs society now. What is important to know though, is that there are numerous browsers for Windows 10 to choose from. This article will present reviews of some of the most prominent ones and give their advantages and disadvantages.

This browser is a rebranded, original internet browser of Microsoft, Internet Explorer. Even though the original, Internet Explorer, has received a lot of slack throughout the years for its poor compatibility and loading speeds, Microsoft Edge is improved. A lot. They added a lot of new features to the browser. For example, you can link website icons on the homepage, which allows for quick access to your favourite web pages. In addition, you can even highlight text on websites, which are saved on the Notes tool and you can read them any time you want. Finally, it has good security from dangerous websites and protects its user from phishing and malware.


+ Notes Tool

+ Quick Loading Speed

+ Good Security


– No Third-Party Add-ons

– Large File Size (23MB)

Mozilla Firefox is one of the biggest dogs in the internet browser market. It offers a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, which is only more attractive because of the security Firefox offers. There are numerous features which ensure that your browsing is as private as possible. For example, you can activate a setting, which deletes your cookies and cache every time you close the browser. In addition, you can opt-in to browse the web without cookies. All of it the great malware-blocking capabilities of this browser make it a good choice for Windows 10. If it was not for suggested links to websites and numerous ads on its landing page, Firefox would definitely be one of the bests.


+ Private

+ Secure

+ Fast Loading Speed


– Poor Bookmark Feature

– Ads on the Landing Page

Google is known for its innovativeness, great software, and engineering feats. Their internet browser Chrome is not an exception. The best feature it offers is synchronization with your Google account. It means that you can access the same search history, bookmarks, and saved passwords on every device you log in with your Google account. No other web browser compatible with Windows 10 can offer such comfort. Furthermore, Chrome’s convenient use is enhanced by the ability to search the web by typing in the address bar. The cherry on the cake is a plethora of different add-ons and extensions you can install on this browser. You can tailor this browser to your own needs and convenience. The only disadvantages of this browser are that it is not as fast as beforehand mentioned ones and that it is hard on your PC’s RAM.


+ Synchronization

+ Convenience

+ A Lot of Third-Party Add-ons


– Slower Loading Speed

– Hard on RAM

The final internet browser on this list is perfectly compatible with Windows 10 and is similar to Google Chrome because it is built on the same program. In spite of that, there are some differences. Opera has unique features, such as link, chat, and email pinning. You can find your pinned web on a sidebar, and even though it is similar to Chrome’s bookmarks, it offers even more convenience. Unfortunately, Opera cannot brag with the same third-party add-on compatibility. This browser is customizable in itself, but not by numerous add-ons and extensions like Chrome. Another disadvantage of Opera is that it is less secure than beforehand mentioned browsers.


+ Link Pinning

+ Easy on RAM


– Not Compatible With a lot of Add-Ons and Extensions

– Not the Most Secure Browser

UC Browser is quickly becoming one of the most popular web browsers in the world, thanks to its stable, responsive nature and security, among others. It simply looks and simply uses, has any similarities with Google Chrome, because the UC browser is made on the same Platform. It’s easy to customize, but honestly – you don’t need to. A lot of people use that browser for the reason of fast working and absence of problems. Firstly UC browser was used only by smartphones, but it was so good, that it come on the rest of the platforms. You can download uc browser for windows 10, MacOs and Linux.


+ Simple
+ No ads


– Not the most secure browser

– rare updates

In brief, all of these internet browsers are a great choice if you are using Windows 10. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, Microsoft Edge is great for its security and fast loading speed, Firefox is great if you value privacy, Chrome is for customizability enthusiasts, and Opera is great if you want a clean, easy-to-use browser. The only way to know which you will like the most is to try all of them out. Give these internet browsers a day or two of use, and you will know whichever you will want to use.

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