‘Harrods of London’ is a British institution. Our world famous flagship store is an iconic landmark in London and is probably the most well-known and respected retail store in the world.  For 162 years, Harrods has built its unique reputation supported by our key brand values – British, Luxury, Innovation, Sensation, Service.

What sets Harrods apart is a commitment to exceeding expectations. Harrods has always maintained the highest standards of customer service in the world – it is one of our unique selling points. Giving excellent customer service is one of the main reasons why our customers choose Harrods and why they keep coming back.

Harrods employs approximately 5,000 people from 86 different nationalities who deal with up to 100,000 customers a day at peak times. In 2011 annual turnover reached £1 billion, the highest figure ever recorded for a stand-alone store.