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Home Business in 2022, Thriving in the UK

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Never before have more people experienced remote working and operating home-based businesses. As 2021 ends, many major corporations have pushed back their “return to the office” dates well into 2022. There are several sound reasons for this call. Not the least of them is the fact that employees are enjoying their new working arrangements and corporations are feeling the push back of resistance. One UK-based job board reports a 40% increase in job searches that offer remote working options. Many major corporations are rethinking their positions on allowing key employees to work at least part of the time remotely. People want this option and are often willing to change employers to get it.

The New Norm

We have refocused our attention on our homes. We have adapted to create an environment that is healthy and happy for our domestic lives. We have areas where we come together for relaxation, talking, and staying connected. We have created areas for play. This is a place where we can streamline movies, use our computers for e-reading, and entertain guests. A popular form of home entertainment is online lottery play. These games are accessible on your computer. Laptop, or smartphone (via apps). You can play Irish Lotto – pick 3 from the UK

Getting paid

Business savvy executives and managers are not taking pay cuts for the luxury of working from their home office. In some cases, the opposite is true. They understand the amount of money companies are saving on space, overhead, supplies, insurance, and other essentials that come with housing people for multiple hours per day. Instead, they are pricing their work on its value. This is a new evaluation process for everyone involved.

Business Liquidations

People opened home-based businesses in recent years. Some just wanted to follow a dream and some as a way to supplement their struggling income. They have seen a measure of success with their home-based businesses.  And are in no hurry to let it go in 2022. CNBC reports a significant business insolvency jump is expected in 2022 globally. As governments begin to withdraw support that helped companies stay afloat during these troubled times, some companies will face the inevitable. Business liquidations are expected to rise by 15% in 2022 across the globe.

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eCommerce UK

If there is one certainty on the business horizon for 2022, it seems to be eCommerce in the UK. The UK has one of the most advanced technological markets in the world. Even in this competitive market where there is more than enough for everyone, any UK business in this field is in an excellent position to thrive.

The top ten eCommerce UK companies are:

  • eWorld Trade
  • Amazon UK
  • eBay UK
  • Asos
  • Argos
  • Currys PC World
  • Tesco
  • Next
  • John Lewis & Partners
  • Gumtree

Digital companies

The trend of companies going strictly to eCommerce businesses is alive and well. Experts report that while retail markets may see a stabilizing growth in 2022 bringing them close to their 2020 numbers, eCommerce will see rapid growth in 2022.

Home-based business

More than a few of us faced something we never expected in the past year or two. We found ourselves unemployed. Not to be deterred by that setback, we decided to try something new. We decided to find ways to market our own products or skills and work for ourselves. The ideas were endless. Some of us marketed recipes, sold crafts, and rented ourselves out to perform office skills. Writing, blogging, and multi-level marketing were also incorporated. We opened shops, made products, prepared meals, made deliveries, and became personal shoppers. We turned things we do every day into ways to make a living.

For the true entrepreneur, these businesses grew. They changed and morphed into businesses that we design, so they work “for us.” This is the home-based business owner who is probably not returning to the workplace in 2022. This business owner has found a way to balance work that they love with family. When life gives them the challenge they need with a schedule that fits with the phase of their life that they are in now. With a solid plan and hard work, this business should do well in 2022. 

The digital age

While we all agree, we have gone through a complicated transitional period in the last couple of years; it could not have happened at a better time. Because of the gift of technology, we have been able to work remotely. We have been able to buy and sell online. We have been able to open home-based businesses and try new ways to make income.

The restrictions placed on us forced us to pull together. We learned how to function as a global community. We began soul searching and determining what was important to us and redesigning our lives. Change always comes hard. But the digital age made hard work possible, and that brought comfort. There will be challenges in 2022. There always are challenges with growth. The UK is facing those challenges head-on. 2022 is just another opportunity for us to do great things, and for that, we are ready! Stay with us and see what we can do together.

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