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How blockchain is changing video gaming

Things are always changing for software developers which makes the occupation challenging and exciting.

Technology doesn’t stay still even for a moment. The latest developments are changing the landscape entirely with the advent of the blockchain in just about every application. For game developers this has added an extra layer of complexity to their work.

For gamers, this has improved many aspects of gaming. There are some drawbacks, as well.

Let’s dive in and see how the gaming industry is shifting with the use of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency for games

There are a lot of ways that the blockchain can be applied to gaming. For starters, the way to pay for the game itself can be done when you buy Bitcoins online and then pay to use the game that way instead of using a credit card.

But, it goes way beyond just paying for the games, however.

There are a lot of games that use their own sort of “currency” for in game achievements and unlocking certain levels. Usually a player is rewarded in whatever that particular game decides to give out for those achievements. Then, the players use those coins to add armor, or health to their character for whatever the game is.

Instead of that, many blockchain based games are giving crypto coins like Bitcoin for the same purpose. This adds a higher level of excitement to the game ince those coins can be used in real world applications. A good player can actually make real money based on their gaming talent.

Less cheating

Since every transaction on the blockchain is registered in its own block and cannot be changed, it is hard to cheat the system in a video game. This is bad news for scammers and great news for honest gamers who want to trust the games.

Some games end up with a sort of black market economy for players to trade their in game items and currency. This is very shady and ripe to be exploited by bad actors. With the blockchain this type of underground economy can’t exist as everything can be verified by anybody. No third party is required to verify any transactions.

There is also no possibility for somebody to scam their way into adding extra strength or other benefits within the game. Again, because it can be seen by anybody on the blockchain.

Decentralized for multiple platforms

A very limiting factor to many games is that they are designed for a single platform. For players using a different one, they usually have to wait for the company to design a new version for their preferred platform. Or, sometimes they never get the chance to play the game as it is only ever produced for use on a proprietary one.

With blockchain, it can be used on any platform at all.

Not only that, but wallets can be used across multiple games. Suppose a player is really good at one game and has amassed quite a bit of loot. That player may be less likely to take up another game since they worked so hard on the other to accumulate what they have. With crypto instead of loot, they can access it in any game they play.

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