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How to create a popular science blog

Do you love successful science blogs and magazines like Popular Mechanics and I F’ing Love Science? Do you follow and share almost every post and wish that you could have that kind of following blogging about the latest developments in technology and science? You can. All you have to do is start up your own science blog and you can have your voice heard. Here’s how:

Pick a popular domain name

First, you have to choose a domain name that people will like. Choose something catchy that you would click on if you saw an ad for it somewhere – how much you want to rely on a pun here is entirely up to you, we’re just saying. Register your domain and pick the right blogging platform for your needs. Then, you’ll have to choose a theme for your blog – and it’s kind of obvious that you’ll want to choose something that looks well, works well and fits with the idea of a cool new science blog.

Define some science terms

Who are you writing for here? Your top audience is likely not going to be a team of scientists, but instead regular people who are interested in science. So, you can start up your blog by defining some science terms and science facts. This is a fun way to get people reading. Write about interesting facts and things people didn’t know, tell people how things work on a scientific level using plain language (and, of course, puns at your own discretion!). This creates shareable content and always gives you something to blog about.

Post some science videos

Mankind are pretty visual creatures overall, so you should always keep your posts full of visual content. That means post plenty of photos to go with your blog posts and some science videos too – these can be videos of cool phenomenon or videos of science experiments: You can make these yourself in the form of vlogs or you can share videos you find elsewhere on the internet, as long as you attribute the source you originally found it from. Again, this gives people content they would love to share – and this brings more readers to you.

Some things for nerds, too

We’ve completely re-defined the terms nerd and geek over the past ten or twenty years. What used to get kids bullied at school for being “nerdy” or “geeky” is today considered sleek and cool. We’re experiencing the other side of the coin, and being a nerd is suddenly cool. As a science blog you’ll want to capitalize on this! Post some content for nerds too – this means cool gadgets and links that are related to science, with links to where they can read more or buy the products. This can get you money in clicks, and draws new readers your way, too.

Check all of your facts

When you’re blogging about serious topics like science, people expect you to get your facts straight. You owe that to your reader. You would be furious if one of your favourite science blogs suddenly started posting content that was riddled with false info and just plainly started to suck, right? People will feel the same about your blog. So always make sure that you’re posting the right, most updated facts and most updated guide in your posts. It’s easy enough to separate the real news from the fake headlines, and it’s as easy as a quick Google search most of the time. Verifying information doesn’t take a hell of a lot of effort, and your readers will be happy if you do it – but if you screw up your facts, people will stop reading your content.

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