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How to market your yoga studio

If someone came to you five or ten years ago and told you that being still in a pose for a few minutes daily is good for your mind and body, you’d probably think that person’s crazy. Fast forward to today, yoga is one of the best ways to relieve stress and keep yourself in shape. This combined with a healthy diet will bring a better state of body and mind. It makes an impact in individual’s lives which is why businesses have started to encourage it. Besides stress relief, yoga brings other benefits to the business world.

There are a number of certified yoga instructor courses available that can help you acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to begin leading your own classes.

Companies book yoga classes for their employees to keep their mind cool and inventive in the workplace. Suppose you’re a good yoga instructor and you have a studio but you have a few customers. You’d like to expand your client base and one day maybe have companies contact you for employees’ yoga sessions. What you should do is learn how to market your studio. Here are a few tips to help you with that:

Finding a Partner

Those who practice yoga are all about a healthy lifestyle. Consider scouting out the local health centres, organic food stores and sports shop. If you’re unable to find any company to partner with then you can try your luck online. There are plenty of yoga shops online, so you can get in touch with one. It has everything a yoga practitioner would need when needing equipment. The partnership is beneficial to both parties since you can refer your students to high-quality equipment and the shop will have more customers. You can also work out a special discount for the students that buy from the online shop.

Use Social Media

Social Media is a great marketing tool. If you have a yoga studio make an account on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube or all of the above because it will be worth it. You can attract a lot of attention if you create quality content. For example, you can put a new pose every day for people to try out. Making stories of your classes on Instagram can show people a lot about your studio. Nutrition tips are always a plus. If you mix these elements and interact with your followers you’ll have a pretty big community soon.

Have Something That Makes You Unique

There are plenty of yoga studios available. What you should do is make your lessons unique. Luckily, there are plenty of variants of yoga that people enjoy. One of the things you can do is mix up yoga with lovable animals. Bunny and cat yoga are a thing as well as dog yoga or doga. If your students are dog or cat people you should bring dogs or cats to the studio. It will create a more memorable and enjoyable experience for them. If your students are more upbeat consider Glo-ga, a type of yoga where everyone paints their bodies and does yoga poses with disco music in the background.   

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