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Video marketing 9 reasons why you must consider this marketing strategy

Visuals appeal to humans more than any other sense. It’s for this reason that 63% of business opt for video content marketing. Trustworthy companies such as Riot Video Production are well known for their success in building brands this way. Of these respondents, 82% say video marketing is an integral part of their marketing strategy. Without a doubt, videos are taking over the way businesses market their products and services.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various reasons why your company must use videos in marketing campaigns.

1. Boost Sales and Conversions

According to research, you can boost conversions by 80% if you use video marketing. In addition, another study shows you can increase sales by using videos. In this study, 74% of people who interacted with an explainer video ended up buying the product.

This is backed by scientific facts, which say many people are likely to retain information after they see it. You can use this fact to your advantage to increase product sales.

2. Videos Build and Enhance Trust

The foundation of a lasting customer relationship is built on trust. For this reason, building and enhancing this trust should be top of the agenda. To help you with this, consider using a video to engage your consumers.

This you can do by providing useful information in the video. One of the best ways to do this is by igniting mutual emotions in the target audience. By doing this, consumers feel as though you understand their problem. In return, you’ll gain their trust, which you can leverage to make sales.

Case studies and research shows 57% of clients rely on videos to make online purchases. They say it gives them confidence.

3. Top the Search Engines

Earlier, you saw how people love videos. Due to this love, consumers are likely to stay longer on your website than if you didn’t have one. With longer exposure to content, you’ll gain more trust from the consumers.

Google loves good content and one of the metrics used to gauge this is interactions with your readers. Keep in mind Google also owns YouTube, which ranks top 5 in search engines. As such, having a video on your website can improve your search engine rankings. However, make sure you optimize these videos to reduce load time.

4. Videos are Excellent Explainers

When launching a new service or product, you want to make sure your target audience understands everything. With 98% of users saying they opted for explainer videos to understand a service or product, it’s vital to have a video.

Many businesses also agree that explainer videos are effective. Of the 45% that use video marketing, 83% say they are effective.

5. Videos Offer a Great ROI

Marketing takes up a huge chunk of any business. Therefore, it’s only fair that each marketing strategy returns profits. with video marketing, you have a greater chance of recouping your investment. In fact, 83% of businesses agree on the ROI.

You can even make a video with your smartphone. Don’t worry about the quality too much because according to the latest research, consumers are more concerned with quality and clear explanation than the video quality.

7. Mobile Users Love Videos

Mobile users are addicted to videos. Indeed, 90% of consumers prefer watching videos on their smartphones. Accessing videos on the go is a necessity and this is evident from the 233% increase in mobile video viewership seen from the third quarter of 2018.

On the other hand, YouTube says it experiences a 100% increase in mobile video viewership each year. With the increasing number of smartphone users, the video audience is bound to grow. Therefore, you can be sure you’ll have an audience for your content.

8. Gain More Social Proof

According to Michael Stelzner, 60 percent of social marketers used videos in 2017 and 73 percent of the interviewees said they’d use it in 2018, which they did.

Social media platforms realize the importance of videos to businesses and people’s lives and Facebook launched Live Video, Lifestage and 3600 Video. Instagram, on the other hand, introduced insta-stories and also allows people to post video content up to 60 seconds in length. Twitter also has Periscope.

While social sharing is a vital tool, you must keep in mind people don’t share facts. Instead, they share their emotions. Thus, it’s in your best interest to create an emotional and engaging video worth sharing.

9. Video Ads Perform Well

Of all digital formats, video ads rank the highest in terms of click-through-rate with a whopping 1.84%. this is backed by data from YouTube which shows 92% of consumers get to the end of a non-skippable YouTube ad. For the skippable ads, the rate stands at 9%.

10. Boost Your Email Campaigns with Videos

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to increase subscribers and sales. As such, include videos in these campaigns to appeal to your consumers. With 96% click-through-rate on emails with a video, it’s no doubt videos are the best way to pass your message to your intended audience.

There you have it. While videos may be difficult to create in terms of creativity and costs not to mention an understanding of the human psychology, it’s worth the trouble considering the ROI and other benefits to your business as listed in this article.

Mixing video marketing with other forms of marketing will give you an edge over your competitors, thus allowing you to boost sales and increase your revenues.

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