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Planning business trips with a travel management system

Many industries now rely heavily on business travel. It is a huge part of modern life for many people, yet it can still cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for both the company and the employee. This is because business travel can be very complex to arrange without even addressing the purpose of the trip.

A Solution

Fortunately, there has been a development in recent years which can make planning a business trip much easier whilst also ensuring that everything goes smoothly. When the travel side is taken care of, it enables the employee to focus on the reason that they are there – business.

Travel Management Systems

This solution is the rise of travel management systems. Companies like Statesman Travel have been set up to take care of the planning and management of work related trips. These companies provide support on all levels of the trip and can arrange the bookings of flights, trains, hotels, conference centers and more. People sometimes have to travel at a moment’s notice, but companies like this can quickly get everything in place so that the trip is a success for all.

Digital Portals

These travel management systems use intuitive digital portals so that you can stay on top of your arrangements. They allow you to control bookings yourself if you wish, but you can also view all of your bookings, departures, arrivals and check-ins so that you are constantly aware of the plan and what to expect next. In addition to this, these portals can also be used to control costs – another huge area of concern for both the employee and company.


One of the reasons that business travel can cause a great deal of stress is that plans can change very quickly. You could have everything set in place only for a meeting to get delayed by a day – this small detail would cause havoc for business plans and make it challenging to rectify. These travel management companies have teams on hand 24/7 so that bookings can be changed. This is particularly important for the travelling employee who would feel stressed and lost otherwise.

Business travel can be complex and stressful even for companies that regularly send employees away for work purposes. This is because there is so much to arrange and manage without even considering the work side of the trip. It is for this reason that these travel management systems are so useful and a great way to guarantee a valuable business trip.

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