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Ideas to have fun in London during a business trip

Business trips tend to involve deadlines, meetings, conferences, interviews and a rather strict schedule. But even if you’re travelling for work, you can still make the most of your free time to enjoy the destination your job has taken you to.

If you are away for work and are travelling alone, have fun with escorts in London, the UK capital: a fun place that never sleeps. Follow the link and choose the company you would most like to spend some time with and discover the places mentioned below, and best of all: no commitments later.

Places you should visit

The English and UK capital is a very touristic city, so there are options to suit every taste. Its parks and green spaces are perfect for all visitors, and its attractions include one of the most iconic castles in the world: Buckingham Palace.

Below is a list of places you can’t miss:

1.      Piccadilly Circus

This square is the most cosmopolitan area in all of London, a meeting point for thousands of tourists a day. Its neon advertising signs, with its bright lights that can only mean London, let you know you have arrived in the top shopping area.

All around you are thousands of shops, restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas and all types of entertainment to choose from. This is London’s iconic partying locale.

2.      The London Eye

You can see all of London from here, especially if you ride the huge Ferris wheel, alternatively known as the Millennium Wheel. This is a great romantic attraction if you have the right company – go by night to see the city lit up. It is a real spectacle.

This is quite an expensive excursion, but you can reduce the cost by booking in advance.

3.      Big Ben

Possible London’s most iconic landmark – you see it in every tourist guide, so you are well-advised to go and take a picture by this tower, which is the clock of the Parliament building.

4.      Chinatown

London’s Chinatown is located in Soho, one of the capital’s most chic areas. There is so much to see nearby, with bright colours all around, and it is close enough to Piccadilly Circus to walk or cycle there. This is a great place to sit in a bar or restaurant.

5.      Hyde Park

Even if your visit to London is a flying one, don’t leave without visiting Hyde Park. One of the capital’s largest parks, it is beautiful year-round. The park tends to be full of both tourists and locals, picnicking, cycling, exercising or simply admiring the view in the city’s stunning green lung.

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