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5 business travel tips for frequent corporate travellers

What a nice thought to have, traveling professionally and frequently, getting to see what other businesses provide at lunch or the types of hot drinks they have in different countries. True, meeting people face to face in these times is almost unnecessary but it is important to make that grounding connection with your clients and sneak a few of their exotic biscuits in during boardroom time, which all seems easy enough but the purse strings will snap shut if you don’t follow a few simple tips to keep the load light financially,

Pack light

Pack minimal but for all occasions, if you are about to secure the deal that will give you commission to take you through to the new year and everything is set to be signed however once last thing is you need to beat your potential partner in a race, a football match, a golf game or even just dance the night away with them, make sure you pack for all those occasions so you don’t waste money in Montenegro on a bathing suit that could pay for a new paint job.

Digital Scale

Weigh anywhere, the idea that you have done your deals and then bought a few things for friends, kids, parents or even a koala chew toy for muffins, and you get stung by the extra weight charge at the counter is a crying shame, so purchase yourself a pocket size digital scale that will avoid any last minute fees. This digital scale is cheap and reliable.

First Aid

Personal first aid, who knows what could happen on the way to the airport or the hotel or the building that you are to meet your potential collaborators, whatever might happen you don’t want it to be stopped by a back ache, torn skin, a ripped shirt, make yourself a travel kit that you can restock and keep with you always, tweeze away those pesky random hairs.


Hydrate, it may seem like an obvious one but drink water during your travel so you are not arriving looking like a second prize turnip, hide the dryness and tiredness.

Book in advance

Advance booking, this goes for hotels, flights and cars of course there’s a site that is incredibly useful for cars. Enjoy Car Hire has trolled through all the providers to get the best deal for their customers, they secured a fair fuel policy and collision waver damage, you may just need it.

These are just a few tips to get you by, there are many more out there that even the most advanced traveller utilises keep hunting for the best deals and turn any ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’ with the extra cash you are able to save.

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