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Important facts that you must know about Universal Credit

Universal Credit is one of the support systems started by the UK government. It is aimed at replacing six benefits and clubbing them into one. If you are struggling financially and are looking for support, universal credit is the best solution. You can enquire about the process to claim for the credit by dialling the universal credit number.  

We shall discuss the eligibility of the universal credit, along with the budgeting advance that you can avail from the universal credit account. The advance can be claimed under situations of unforeseen circumstances. You need to be eligible for it under certain guidelines, that we shall discuss here. 

Eligibility of universal credit

To be eligible for the universal credit, you must have citizenship of the UK. You need to be above 18 years old and should have no more than 16,000 Pounds in your savings account. If you are having a partner and both of you are having a child, you stand eligible for the universal credit too. 

Universal Credit was started as financial support if you are unemployed or are earning below a certain level. Yet, if you are already receiving benefits under the disability scheme, you shall not be eligible for the universal credit. 

How much are you entitled to get?

Depending upon your current living condition the payment is decided. Base pay is given over which you shall be eligible for additional payments if you have:

•        Children

•        Disability

•        House rent to be paid. 

The base amount is also known as the standard allowance. The minimum amount that you shall be eligible for is around 250 pounds if you are unmarried and under 25 years. Depending on the number of children, you shall be eligible for the extra claim. 

If you have a child, who is disabled, irrespective of the number of children, you are eligible for the claim. There is no cap on the number of children you have. 

Based on your locomotion restriction due to your disability, you shall be eligible to close to 330 pounds. 

How to receive your payments?

Well, this is when you need to be looking a bit ahead of time. The payment shall be credited to your bank account or the society account. Yet, it takes more than one month to receive your first payment. If it becomes difficult for you to meet your expenses during such circumstances, don’t hesitate to ask for a budgeting advance which is aimed to meet your needs. 

When you have been paid your first payment, it is always better to mark the date on the calendar. You shall be receiving the next payment on the same day, monthly. Moreover, you shall also get a statement, showing the amount you are eligible to get, in the next month. 

Process of claiming the Universal Credit

The application for claiming the universal credit amount needs to be done online. You need not be married to your partner, to avail the credit as a couple. For applying to universal credit to claim the amount, the following details will be needed:

•        Account details of your bank/society/ credit union

•        The email address which is being used frequently.

•        Documents about the rent being paid for housing

•        Payslips as a proof of income

•        Saving and investment documents and details

•        The payment associated with childcare. 

To claim universal credit, it is very much necessary to provide accurate and clear information. If you fail to provide the right information, the claim will take more take to be disbursed.

Online verification of identity is also essential. Failing which, you must carry three proofs for verifying your identity. They include:

•        Residential Card as proof of residence. 

•        Naturalization certificate from the UK

•        Taxation documents. 

Claiming a budget on the universal credit account

If you are having an unprecedented expense, that has cropped up recently, you should not hesitate to claim an advance on the account. The condition needed for claiming it is:

•        No previous advance repayments pending.

•        Advance amount claimed should be within the specified limit. 

Upon acceptance of your claim for the advance payment, you shall get the amount within 3 working days. You need to repay the advance on your credit monthly, thus making the system very feasible.

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