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Info books – The One-Stop-Shop for Thrifty Bookworms

Ever since e-reading became a fad, the thrifty bookworms started investing more time searching free books online. Well, who would wish to spend a dime for something which they can get for free?  It will be unfair if we talk about free e-books and not mention Info books. This online platform has brought more than 3500 free books under a roof.

People get to read books online and avail themselves free access to pdfs related to several niches and disciplines. From free children’s books to self-help books, and from medical books to calligraphy exercises, Infobooks has them all.

It is always challenging to find free books online, as there are not many potential platforms that allow you to gain free access to pdfs without any subscription in the e-market. If you talk about Info books, so downloading free books here is no rocket science. 

How to find and get free books at Info books? 

Info books have designed a simple user interface to ensure all age groups can quickly access e-books. This website offers a diversified range of books entailing cookbooks, children’s books, and even higher educational levels reading materials such as physics, general medicine, psychology, and many others.

To explain this easy task in a couple of steps, all one needs to do is:

  1. Visit the Info books website.
  2. Move the cursor towards the relevant category from the “Pick a Topic” drop-down menu.
  3. Click on the relevant sub-topic. A list of books and articles will appear.
  4. Click on the book that catches your interest, and access the pdf’s preview.
  5. Download the file for reading offline

All of this hardly takes a couple of minutes, and one lands up with a book that satisfies their craving for learning more in their field of study. 

Digging deeper, it would be best to excavate what Infobooks generally offers in its prominent categories.

Can I Find Free Children’s Books?

The answer is yes. It is often seen that one spends extra bucks at the bookstores just to buy a nursery rhyme or some colour book for their little one. When everything is just a click away in the era of digitization, it will not be wrong to turn one’s head towards a site like Info books that has a section dedicated to children.

There are more than 20 nursery rhymes free books, more than 25 children’s storybooks found on Info books. You will find famous stories like Robinson Crusoe, Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel, and many others here. Such a collection not just saves money but time as well. All efforts that one makes while searching the right book for their kid is minimized here once the relevant section is opened. So, you get to work for your child’s mental development most effectively.

Note that the children’s section is just the beginning as Infobooks has a lot more in store.

Are There Any Free Books Online Available for STEM?

Infobooks have myriads of books that are related to various disciplines categorized under STEM. Some of the top categories are;

  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Physics
  • Trade
  • Math
  • Programming

There are more than 20-30 books for the sub-categories for each of the major categories mentioned above. The sub-categories shared in medicine are General Medicine, Anatomy, Nursing, and Nutrition. One also gets a broad range of categories addressed in the Psychology section, namely Clinical Psychology, General Psychology, Social Psychology, and Child Psychology. Similarly, other fields of study have also got several exciting and interesting sub-categories. It will not be wrong to say that reading free books regarding such disciplines will strengthen pupils’ concepts and help them explore their field of study in depth. Since the topics are pretty well categorized here at Info books, one can save a lot of time and get what they want pretty easily.

Can Reading Free Books Online be Helpful for Artists?

Info books have certain special categories specially dedicated for the artists among you. There is a section, namely Art & Photography, that deals with Architecture, Calligraphy, Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting, etc. 

Whether a person is searching for calligraphy exercises or is just in search of learning the piano playing tricks of the famous pianists, Info books have them all. Offering a wide range of books that help people polish their soft skills, Info books play a vital role in empowering your inner artist. Such books are the backbone for a higher emotional quotient, so they make you a better thinker who can work wonders.

What is the File Format of Online Books?

Mainly, online books are found to have an EPUB format, which is often available on smartphones and computers. You can also find .txt files that are mainly plain text containing images, graphs, and texts. You will usually see this for storing information only. Info books have PDFs widely to ensure ease of use. Often cellular devices and PCs do not support other file formats, but PDF is accepted by all of them. So, considering the fact that PDF is most accessible, Info books have stuck themselves with this file format.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, online platforms have made education more accessible than ever, and websites like Info books work relentlessly to help you in this regard. The availability of free books online has made it easier for even those enthusiastic learners who were deprived of buying their favourite books due to the price factor. So, people now have greater opportunities online when such websites are adding new free books every day. 

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