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Interesting Blog Niches and How to Monetize Them in 2021

A blog is a great way to earn some extra side cash. It’s also an excellent way to boost profits on your website. If your website sells products and services, your blog can help you sell your own stuff, as well as other stuff. Draw people in with your blog, because every traffic source is a good traffic source. Keep them there to buy what you’re selling, and earn a little money from your writing in the process.

Food Blogs

People love food blogs. Everyone has to eat, and there are so many specialty food niches that you have limitless options for your approach. Are you a gluten free vegan? Are you obsessed with seafood? Do you like to incorporate cheese into everything you make? You have an audience out there. People love to eat, and they’re always looking for new recipes to try at home, as well as tools to help them make restaurant quality meals at home.

Fashion and Style Blogs

Fashion and style blogs can appeal to men, women, or both. These blogs can be broken down into niches. There are blogs that appeal to people who love exquisite couture, and blogs that appeal to those who live an athleisure lifestyle and want to look great while remaining ready for anything their day throws at them.

Life Hack Blogs

Life hack blogs teach people easier ways to do important things. Running a home, building credit, managing finances, and succeeding at work are basic things that everyone needs to do. Most importantly, everyone wants to learn to do them better. Life hack blogs make it easier for people to successfully accomplish basic but necessary things. They provide endless value.

Blogs for Specialized Skills

Specialty blogs and hobby blogs may not reach a wide audience, but the people who do need them are likely to be loyal to them. Blogs about woodworking, knitting, sculpting, birdwatching, nail art, or watercolor painting may not be universally applicable blogs, but they’re vastly useful for people who participate in these hobbies or are developing these skills.

Monetizing Your Blog Niches

Successfully monetizing your blog requires a tree pronged approach. You must first be sure you’re getting enough traffic to make your blog valuable. This is something you can implement with a native advertising platform and measure with a marketing tracker or affiliate tracking software.

The second part involves getting ads or sponsored posts on your blog, which is much easier to do when your traffic reaches a substantial level. Then, you can share your favorite products and services with your readers for a small kickback of the total price of their purchases. The last part is the easiest.

You can also feature tools of the trade in your blog post using affiliate tracking links. People who purchase the things you mention in your post will pay the same price, but the store will give you a small commission on everything they purchase. It may be pennies, but if you have 100,000 readers a month and only one in every hundred buys something through that link, the pennies will add up quickly.

Increasing Traffic to Promote Sales

Successful marketing will drive traffic, and you need the right tools to do that. You can click here to check out Voluum’s tools. Finding a great native advertising platform is necessary for getting the attention of people who are genuinely interested in your blog. They can click through and read an article, feeling organically immersed in your content. The idea is to get them to buy the affiliate things you’re selling.

Including Paid Ads and Sponsored Posts

Once you’ve obtained a steady base of readers, you’re in a position to include paid ads and sponsored posts. Start by marketing your blog, and end with marketing on that blog. Brands that offer products and services that are relevant to your readers may be willing to pay you a substantial amount of money to hijack your blog for a post or two.

Just be careful about companies you decide to work with. It’s a good rule to try the brand’s products or services and be sure you actually enjoy them or would use them regularly. You want to be sure you’re only promoting trustworthy and reliable brands to your readers.

The Takeaway

Making and monetizing a blog is a lot easier said than done. It’s hard work, and it takes time to experience the fruits of your labor. If you’re patient, diligent, consistent, and pay close attention to detail, the work will be worth it at the end. The hardest part is building your audience. As long as you continue to provide them with great content, it’s easy to keep them.

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