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Driving traffic online stores

While it is always a struggle for the smaller retail outlets, it is not impossible to drive traffic to your products and eBay store. This following article includes the results of significant and exhaustive research on the subject. Here you will find the major ways this can be accomplished highlighted for your needs.

Strategically name your store categories

If you do operate off the eBay platform you can increase your SEO standings, those are your favorability points for the major search engines, in a number of ways.

It begins in the initial set up when you make sure that your store preferences are set to allow all your categories to appear in a single listing. Follow this step by step guide to making sure this is done right.

Go to the “Manage my Store” section and open your frame listing section. Find the “Listing Frame Features” and locate the button next to where it says “” show my store listing header”. Click this button and your categories will be placed under the listings for your store.

The next thing to do is to add some subcategories to your primary categories. Do this by selecting the brand names of the items being sold in your store. You will find here many ways to categorize your items more effectively. The important point will be display these on the left side of the navigation bar, this is so search engines read them more easily. Paid adverts and auction advertising can get people on site on a temporary paid basis, however SEO can work long term for free.

If you will imagine someone selling sports shoes, bags and other accessories on their eBay store they will set up their categories on things like shoes, bags, sportswear and many others. Then under one category like shoes, they will have their brands listed with names such as Adidas, Nike etc. This way each category of item you sell can also be listed by the brands sold.

This allows you to take advantage of those keywords that are now listed on all your pages as opposed to simply once in a product description. Now the online marketer is benefitting from a greater a amount of keywords properly located throughout their site. This also allows the brands you sell to increases their recognition, and a customer can tell at a glance if you have the Adidas shoes they are looking for.

Write Articles

Another good way to attract traffic to your website if you are marketing your goods on Amazon or Ebay, is with top-quality articles. Use an online platform like “Isnare.com” or “Goarticles.com” to post valuable articles regarding the specifics of your niche. Specifics that you know your online customer will view and appreciate. You can also contact blogs related to your niche and ask if you can take on projects with them.

If you choose sites that already have a good standing with the customers you are looking for you will have struck a gold mine. As your relation to these online authorities increases so will your Google Rank Stature. Just always ensure the links you use are good quality.

Comment on blogs

Here is another great way of presenting your expertise in your field and also generating traffic to your site. Find sites and blogs that are relative to your niche, like sports, beauty and cosmetics, clothing or others. There can be hundreds and even thousands of followers in blogs like this and you will need to make a determined and consistent effort. But, if you hit the nail on the head, you will begin to sell in any one of your categories and this can be worth it all. You will need to consider that many of these sites will have an approval process for their comments and you will need to stay tasteful, direct and above all know exactly what you are talking about.

Social bookmarking

This is another terrific way to get your name and options known, just follow your target audience to their favorite social media platforms and lay wait for them there. Prepare yourself with attractive tidbits that are appropriate to the platform. Begin with the big names like Twitter and Facebook, but don’t forget Stumbleupon, Reddit, Pinterest and others that only your intuition and knowledge of your customer may reveal. 

Landing page optimization

Don’t forget the importance of geo-targeting so that the traffic you need goes right where you need it most. Consider which of your pages would make the best effect on the incoming visitor and attempt to move traffic in this direction. The eBay homepage is not always the most engaging option for the user so choose something good for your specific business, product and consumer.

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