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Is SEO Strategy Going Full on for Visual Approach?

SEO Strategy for Visual Approach
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These days, marketers are looking for better reach and a better market. The SEO market is thriving and has returned from the post-pandemic phase to the pre-pandemic one. Marketers have realized that they need to do something that is not uncommon or unheard of. 

Rather, they are happy doing what the trends suggest. Hiring a specialist firm for SEO Consultancy services like Pearl Lemon will make sense if you are a new marketer or a business looking for effective strategies.

The firm takes care of all SEO services, from consultancy to implementing strategies and getting results. 

What’s Trending Now?

Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in people checking video content. People have started spending long hours watching movies, web series, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, and more. According to the report, 73% of marketers use Livestream videos on Instagram, 47% use video in email, and 54% of businesses use video on their landing pages. 

Yes, the preferred time duration will be around 20 minutes long. That said, video content creation is no longer just an option. You need to create a video for the marketing, and it gets more viewership than simple posts. We see this trend on LinkedIn, where people post articles and whatnot. Here also, we get video bios getting more viewership. Such posts and regular video posts have to be genuine; the more you post, the more you will trend. 

Marketers should consider going high on visual appeal, not just for posting content on social media sites but even for the website. 

Does Only Video Content Work?

No, it’s not just going to be video content that we will need. We shall also do the image content to create a stunning appeal. These images must be with real and relatable people, not stock ones. These lose the charm when you upload them to your site. Try to go for people as per your region to suit the narrative. However, keep these images rich in colour and texture and, if possible, in the same style. 

Not Just Images and Video

The long-form content is back; remember, there is much more to that. You might benefit by improving the customer experience and not just marketing your product. Once you realize that, you can start preparing content for the featured snippets and all other types of content. 

Improvising these types of content by clearly optimizing each of these content pieces will ensure your answers reach the right audience. That is the only focus you might have, and they shall reward you massively. 

Use of AI and Data

Google notices how you have become helpful and how your answers aim to solve your customer’s questions. These are the only things that you can create. Select your type of SEO strategy for the quarter and get the team to work on it. The rest of the optimization work will happen on its own. 

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