Growing a brand through portfolio management
A Masterfoods case study

Page 1: Introduction

Each day, the average consumer makes many decisions and choices about products and brands. When doing so, he or she identifies products in a variety of different ways. A brand comprises a range of features which help to identify the products of a particular organisation. These may include its name, a symbol, term, or other creative element. Branding is important for consumers because it is a...
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Page 2: A new marketing strategy

Relaunching the brand meant developing a completely new way of looking at the pasta sauce market. Dolmio decided to change the objectives for the brand and develop new strategies to achieve them. In 1997, after extensive market research to the problem, Dolmio set its key objectives of growth in the sector through innovation and, in particular, establishing market leadership in the newly emerging...
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Page 3: The product portfolio

The Dolmio relaunch was based on the development of a broader product portfolio through extending the brand to take advantage of its popularity and strength in the market-place. It retained and improved the Dolmio Sauce for Bolognese with additional varieties including extra ingredients, such as extra mushrooms or extra garlic and onions, to offer the customer a greater choice. In July 1996...
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Page 4: Revising the marketing mix

Packaging The packaging of any fast moving consumer good (FMCG) brand is crucially important. All elements of the packaging needed to be redesigned for the launch. A distinctive new multifaceted jar was used which looked better on the supermarket shelf and felt better in the hand. The packaging was slightly different for each member of the product range - emphasising the characteristics of the...
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Page 5: Results of the Dolmio relaunch

To assess the results of the new campaign and the success of the new members of the product portfolio, based on extending the brand, Dolmio collected a great deal of market research information which was both quantitative and qualitative. Such feedback is invaluable to any organisation aiming to satisfy its customers. The value of sales in 1997 showed an explosive growth rate, far above...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Branding provides consumers with an assurance that they are purchasing a product they like and can rely on. When faced with competition from own label brands, strong branding can foster loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. The new Dolmio product portfolio provided consumers with many new ways to enjoy pasta. Success or failure can only really be judged with reference to the original objectives...
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