Vision, values and their influence on business strategy
A National Express case study

Page 2: Business Strategy

National Express 19 4Business strategy refers to the overall plan for a business. The strategy sets out the direction for the company and what it wants to achieve in the long term for business success. The strategy defines which markets the business needs to compete in, which activities will give it a competitive edge and how its resources will be used to achieve the overall plan.

To remain competitive an organisation can choose specific strategies, for example:

  • Cost leadership – becoming the lowest cost producer in the market
  • Differentiation – offering something different, extra or special that customers perceive to be better than competitor products or services
  • Focus – achieving dominance in a niche market.

The overall strategy for National Express Group is to deliver long term value for its shareholders and to deliver safe, punctual and frequent services at excellent prices for its customers worldwide.

National Express | Vision, values and their influence on business strategy


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