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Sell movie collectables online

Geeks have become a force of nature in past years. While they were the outcasts, now they are the ones that shape pop culture and it is a good thing to be a geek. The popularity of franchises such as Star Wars is owed to these people and there are entire industries dedicated to their interests.

Movies appear to be one thing that attracts a lot of money. When it comes to movie collectables, fans are willing to spend a small fortune on them. Therefore, if you are thinking about going into business, movie collectables can be a great option. Here are some things you should know first.

What is their worth?

As long as your item is not a fake, prices vary depending on the buyers. Certain people are willing to pay more for an item that is missing from their collection so if you find the right person you might earn more than you think.

When you set the price you must take into consideration various factors. The interest for movie collectables goes up if a new movie is released so it is important to choose the right moments. You should also compare the prices and see how much other people are paying. Check eBay and other similar sites to get an idea about the prices

Do not sell counterfeit items

It is very important to make sure that your item is not a fake. Here we are talking especially about autographed items. It can be quite difficult to check if an autograph is legit unless you saw the movie star signing it.

There are a few ways to check if it is real. You can try comparing the signature with the original one. Also if there was a stamp there should be more stamp around the edges than it is in the middle so you can check for that as well

Make sure the item reaches the destination safely

Most collectors care a lot about the condition of their items, so make sure the collectables get there safely. Packaging is very important, especially if the item does have its own packaging already. Make sure that you use as many layers as possible so that the item is protected.

You can start with tissue paper, but only if it is an acid-free type. Place the item in a Tupperware-style tub and then place everything in a bigger box. You can also use bubble wrap or foam to make sure the item is not moving too much inside. Finally use parcel tape to seal the package, and add a “Fragile” label.

It is also very important to choose a competent delivery service. Shipping with ParcelABC is one of the best alternatives out there and you can be sure that your package will be handled with care. ParcelABC also comes with insurance for your parcels so if something happens you can at least know that you will receive money for your items.

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