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3D harm and use

3D is popular. Films and videos of the format are colorful, realistic but not as safe as it may seem at first.  

According to the researches of the scientists, only one-third of the questioned watch 3D videos without problems and the others have unpleasant symptoms after watching (feeling ill, discomfort, headache).

While watching such videos, you often need to use polarized glasses. They affect eyes positively at first, making the muscles that set the crystalline lens relaxed.

Meanwhile, the visual sensory system along with the brain works hard in an unnatural mode creating a three-dimensional picture.

After half an hour of such work, the eye color sensitivity decreases and a person starts to feel discomfort and dizziness. 

This is how our brain reacts to an unusual picture.

Virtual adrenaline

Men are getting more and more enthusiastic about games and films in this format. Males need constant adrenaline rushes. Youngsters even climb up to the roofs of high buildings to get the feeling, and older people have extreme travels or go hunting.

The three-dimensional format is likely to have been developed for young people. Nevertheless, different people like full-immersion in the plot of the movie. While watching, you have an emotional outburst and spectators want to feel the unusual state again and again. This is how addiction similar to game addiction appears. 

Expert recommendations

Experts advise: if after 15 minutes of watching you feel discomfort, it is better to leave the show. Representatives of older generations need to be especially attentive to their feeling. The same recommendation is given to people with the high level of farsightedness and vestibular sickness.

Researches wanted

The scientists still do not know the answer to the question whether 3D format affects a person negatively. Some sources say that this is harmful but there are also its fans and supporters.

Anyway, the three-dimensional picture is flourishing now, so more detailed researches on the sphere are needed. Complaints about discomfort, headache and sight problems after watching a movie with polarized glasses can be the push to studying the problem.

Prepared by EgamersWorld.

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