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Who needs proxy servers for email and why

You can use mail programs through a proxy in different cases and for different purposes. Typically, logging into the mail service through a proxy server is used for corporate mail or for anonymous logging in via someone else’s computer.

However, most often it happens that mail through a proxy is the only way to bypass regional blocking of web resources. A simple example – with the ban in Ukraine of Yandex e-mail system for many users, using an e-mail client through a proxy was the only way to view or send mail from this service.

Using a proxy for registering mailboxes in order to expand or coordinate the client base allows you to quickly track the flow of messages and requests, which naturally increases the efficiency of work. By connecting several proxies to e-mail, you get freedom of actions, which will allow you to take your company to a completely new level of business.

How to set up a proxy for e-mail

Setting up mail through a proxy is not easy, because mail services won’t allow everyone to get into their possessions through an IP proxy server. The easiest way to configure mail is to use proxy fixers such as Proxifier, ProxyCap, SocksCap and others.

The best way is to use a proxy for registration mails through the special software. Such utility allows you to send emails to all selected addresses through the provided list of open proxy servers, which makes it much easier to notify subscribers about upcoming promotions or other events. This is done as follows:

  1. The e-mail program activates;
  2. A message layout creates;
  3. In the “Settings” section, the user must agree to the use of a proxy;
  4. User loads server list;
  5. Messages will be sent to subscribers and regular customers.

Of course, the most appropriate and profitable option for securely visiting corporate / private mail will be paid proxy servers, which guarantee the anonymity and security of the user. Deciding to buy personal proxies in bulk, you get the opportunity to manage your mailboxes without the risk of hacking and theft of valuable information.

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