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Step by Step Guide to Create a Resume

Arguably, your resume is the most valuable paper for your career. Creating this valuable document is the most daunting task for many. Some aren’t sure of the right way to write and format a resume, while others aren’t sure how all the information will fit on one page—that why the best resume writing websites come in handy when creating this precious document. What you need to understand is that employers only spend little time checking your resume. Your resume will never be read if you miss the mark. You need to present your educational background, employment history, qualifications, and skill in a way you will make it selected for the interview. Here is a step by step guide on how to write a resume that will get you hired. 

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Pick Your Resume Format

Before you write anything, you need to choose first how your resume will look like. There are three formats to choose from, functional, chronological, and hybrid (combination of both functional and chronological). 

  • Functional, also known as skills-based resumes fit those with limited work histories. Primarily, it puts more emphasis on your skills instead of experiences, education, and work history.
  • Chronological format is where you organize your experience, starting with the most recent.  

The best format is a hybrid resume where you combine your skills-based resume and reverse chronological resume. 

Add your Contact Information

It seems obvious, but sometimes many job seekers forget to add this essential information. This is why it’s always advisable to have someone from the best resume writing website recheck your resume before submitting it to the recruiters. Contact information makes it easy for the employer to contact you for an interview. Ensure you include this essential information;

  • Name – Write your full name
  • Phone number – add your personal phone number and not your work number
  • Location (zip code, city, state) – it’s not a must to add your full address but add your zip code, city, and state. Employers often prefer local candidates first
  • URL for your LinkedIn profile – create a strong LinkedIn profile and then add the URL to your resume.
  • Email Address – consider creating a free professional-sounding email for your job search

Write a Unique Resume Headline

One way to grab your recruiter’s attention and encourage them to read your resume is by writing a stand-out headline. It should be a brief, one-line description of you as an applicant.  

For example – With an experience, “Customer Service Lead with 5 Years Experience Leading Call Center”

   Without experience, “Personable Receptionist with Profound Interpersonal Skills”  

Don’t overcomplicate things with your headline resume. Make it short and easy for the recruiters to read, as this is the first thing they will see. Take that advantage and create a strong first impression. Ensure you;

  • Write less than ten words
  • Include the keywords featured in the job posting
  • Adjust the font for the headline to visually stand out and use a title case whereby you will capitalize the first letters

Include Summary Statement

The summary statement succinctly illustrates your potentials that make you stand out as an applicant.  It describes the personality you will bring to the company professionally. The summary statement should be at the beginning highlighting your experience and skills. It expounds on your headline showing how you are a good fit for the job. Include a brief overview of your work experience, focusing on the ones that relate to the position you are applying for.

If changing your career or have no experience, use that space to write a robust resume objective statement or expound your skills.


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Add Work Experience

Recruiters pay much attention to this section to determine whether your prior accomplishment and job history make you a promising employee. Hence, show them how you will add unique value once hired.

The information you provide here should be so simple and self-explanatory, such as company name, employment dates, job title, and company location. In each position held, briefly explain your responsibilities and notable accomplishments that will make you stand out for the job. With the summary statement, be concrete on the achievements. Don’t just say “you worked with a team”; give a clear description of how you coordinated with the team for such and such results.

Include your Education

Some job requires some level of education. Start by the highest level of education attained and the certifications or licenses you acquired.  When listing a course you are currently studying, state the dates you began pursuing and leave the finishing date blank.

Note that if you recently graduated hence no work experience, the education segment should replace that part. This can be difficult when it your first time. Don’t shy away from asking for assistance at the best resume writing websites. There are professionals who have mastered the art with several years of experience. You don’t have to loose such hard to come by chance because of lack of experience.  Keep in mind that the skills you acquired in school still add value in the real employment world; hence don’t fail to mention them to the person assisting you. Mention any relevant coursework,  or project you did in school as they will your application.  

List relevant Skills

It’s important to include the relevant skills throughout the entire resume starting from the headline using the specific keywords. However, it’s important to have a section where you list every skill you have and is relevant to the position. List both hard and soft skills. Hard skills can be technical knowledge of computer databases, while soft skills could be leadership and communication skills.

List Accolades and Certifications

At the end of your resume, include certifications or awards you have received in your previous jobs if you have them. Any relevant honors and certifications will enhance your credibility. Recruiters will be captivated to attest that your capabilities have been tested and evidenced that you have been successful despite challenges. Awards, honors, and certifications will set you apart from other applicants with the same experience.

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