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Step by Step Guide to Create a Website

Due to the availability of the right resources and tools on the internet, every single person has become capable enough to create their website without having any knowledge about coding, web development, and design. You can make your website within 1-2 hours.

For building a website, all you need is a domain name (the web address or custom name), website hosting (those services which host your website), word press(platform to create a website), etc.

If you are looking for the steps onhow to make a website. Then you must continue reading. We have listed the steps to be followed in the same order for creating a website.

Ways to create a website

  1. Pick up a domain name

The first step involves choosing a domain name. A domain name is an address or the name of your website. The visitors will look for your website by searching your website’s domain name.

There are different prices set for every domain name. Make sure to choose a domain name as per your business. You should always know about your Target audience: a guide to identifying your customer markets for higher search engine rankings.

  • Web hosting

The second step involves applying for web hosting. To make your website visible to the audience, you will need web hosting. Web hosting relates to that service that stores and hosts on a security server your website files. The web hosting company must have the following features:

  • Custom email accounts
  • 24/7, customer support
  • Free domain name along with SSL
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Create WordPress website

After you have purchased the domain name and web hosting, you are required to set up an account on WordPress. Word press is a platform that is designed to build a website. A word press has ease of use and makes a website look more unique and professional by providing a variety of options in the designs and also an option of add-ons.

  • Customize your website structure and design

There are various steps involved while creating the website structure. These are as follows:

  • There are more than thousands of themes available on word press free of cost. You must choose the most suitable theme for your website.
  • After you have chosen, just install the theme.
  • Once, you have installed the theme, you are supposed to import a design.
  • Based on the business type, you must choose the right logo.
  • It is also important to change the fonts and color scheme.
  • Add a sidebar
  • Add on the Widgets
  • Add pages and content on the website

You could easily create web pages from word press. The most important pages on the website include the home page, About us page, blog page, shop page, contact page, service page, etc. Mostly all the pages will appear similar but will have different content placed in them.

  • Add on the option of Navigation menu

The navigation menu relates to the website menu where the custom audience will choose to go from one page to another.

If you are also willing to create a website, then you must follow the above-mentioned steps.

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