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Take this simple quiz on how to write business case studies

business case studies
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Writing a case study is a nightmare in itself and it’s more challenging when your research sector is someone’s business. For scholars, it’s entirely a tiring and tedious process, with days of no-sleep. Unable to handle this stress, most of the student search for a write my paper service. If you are one among those seekers, make sure the firm is reliable and trustworthy. But if you have plans to develop it all by self, test your skills here.

Quiz on business case studies

Here, are a set of questions and their responses. Check whether your answers to these questions match with the given responses. The optimum result indicates success in the next case study. For more quizzes, please visit Solutiontales.

Is it important to include peer-to-peer influence?

Business case studies are incomplete without peer-to-peer influence. As said by the experts, this embraces massive importance which in turn predicts the success of your paper. A true-blue business case study deals from the customer’s aspects, though it is published from the company’s end. The main motive of case studies is recounting the client’s experience with the firms and their products. Include more stats, past data, happy positive quotes, and direct quotes for excelling the quality of your business case study paper.

Are real-life examples necessary in case studies?

Case study reports are best explained with real-life examples. Suppose you are preparing a report for Microsoft’s business in 2018. And in the process, if you include product details with reviews and ratings of customers, it will bring you a new herd of the client base. This idea is mostly used to encourage conversion rates of a business. However, don’t insert much of negative reviews as this will lower down the client’s confidence and may badly affect the concerned commerce.

Do you consider it as a word-of-mouth advertising?

Generically, business case studies aren’t word-of-mouth advertising. But, you can make it one with your writing skill. As you keep on including real-life examples, it will automatically trigger word-of-mouth advertising. In turn, cases study reports steer a bunch of new and happy customers in your way. Entrepreneurs highly demand this in their business reports to ascertain new traffic and boost the overall business margin.

Does simple language work better for case studies?

Absolutely! Nothing works better than a smooth flow of writing in business case studies. The topics being critical itself, no one wishes to spare hours in understanding the native language. Cross out all the tough words from your vocabulary and use only those that are understandable even by an eight-year-old. Such readable formatting hooks number of readers. Try to abide by this instruction in your business case study to ensure its success.

Is it worth adding real numbers in report titles?

Well, not only in the title, adding real numbers in the body is equally profitable. Suppose your title says, “Microsoft has gained 90% more traffic in 2018”. These real numbers grab the readers’ attention quicker than if you develop a title excluding the digits. Who likes to read a dull paragraph! Possibly no one. Real numbers just add spice to your content. It makes the paragraph look more interesting and hooks a large number of real-time traffic.

Should you talk about business challenges?

A certain in the business case study is solely dedicated to highlighting the significant challenges. This could be a pipeline issue, low-sales number, irregular traffic, poor marketing quality, and more like that.  Keep in mind that irrelevant business problems and solutions are considered as a poor style of writing. If you are unable to understand which of the issues are important, seek help from a custom critical analysis writing service.

Is it obligatory to speak of definite strategies?

Business reports are not only about data and problems, but you should also speak of strategies, as well. Suppose you have doubled the sales rate. How did you do it? The response should be in the case study report. Straight forward mentions do not work in this case as you have to be specific, highlighting the process of attaining a high sales rate. For example, mention how social media campaigns, content marketing, and infographics has increased the online visibility of your brand.

Are case study mediums a real consideration?

By mediums, the patterns of writing are defined. A narrative or story-telling approach is best suited for business case studies. The reason is the readers – people like to read something that tells a tale rather than incoherent pieces of information. Also, try to feature the report in various formats like an audio-visual file, an infographic, a photo story, or a PowerPoint presentation. These being interesting mediums, drag more consumers to your business.

Consider the aforesaid responses while writing your business case study report and plan the outline, beforehand. You will come up with an interesting piece of information.

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