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The 5 Essential Qualities For A Successful Office Manager

Attracting and retaining the best people can literally make your business. The best companies know that, in order to succeed, they need to create an office environment that people want to stay and work at. This is where the office manager comes in.

The office manager is one of the few people who interact with all employees, no matter what level no department. They have the opportunity to build a healthy working environment and successful company culture. But, it’s not that easy.

While there’s no specialised education that you need to become an office manager, you will need a diverse skill set to truly thrive in this position. Here, we discuss the top 5 qualities that make for a successful office manager…

  1. Enthusiasm

The office manager is often the first person people meet when coming to your office – this could be a new employee, a potential investor, even a customer. A great office manager will maintain a positive attitude and a friendly communication style which is crucial when they are responsible for keeping office morale high.

Even on bad days, the office manager needs to maintain an optimistic outlook in order to have a positive influence in the office.

  1. Organised

Being organised is one of the most important traits that you need to be a successful office manager. As the role can be so varied, it’s important that the office manager can juggle and pre-plan all the tasks that they have to do, as well as being able to do these tasks efficiently. A messy office environment and unclear plan is only going to negatively affect other employees.

  1. Sociable and welcoming

There’s nothing worse than dreading having to engage with an unsociable employee; therefore a hugely important trait for the office manager is having a friendly, approachable manner. Being sociable and welcoming will help a new office manager settle into their role and quickly build positive relationships with their team. Listening to their thoughts and ideas and showing kindness will help team members form a personal and professional relationship with the office manager. This, in effect, will help office employees feel valued.

  1. Active interests in the company’s wellbeing

A big task for the office manager is to improve the office life and company culture which will aid in the company’s future success. To do this, they need to be actively interested in employee’s well being so that they can address what’s most important for the entire company. Without this trait, the workforce can quickly become burnt out and demotivated which does not equal a happy office. Investing in staff wellbeing is a huge priority, there’s a lot of possibilities you could help your team be happy and help the wellbeing. One of the most popular way is to hire a mobile beauty therapist to your team and help them relax during this pandemic.

  1. Excellent communication skills

Communication skills are often overlooked, but for a successful office manager, it’s very important that they are an effective communicator. A large part of the role involves overseeing the implementation of new company policies; however, this also means that they are responsible for communicating the reasoning behind these policies and encouraging staff to get on board with them.

This is also likely to result in many questions, and requests from employees, so office managers need to be prepared to clearly and effectively answer these.

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