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4 ways to boost your recruitment process

Are you struggling to close the skills gap within your industry? Are you unable to find talented employees that fit your role requirements? If you are looking to boost your recruitment process in order to build a team of employees that are suitable for your business, there are many ways that you can modernise your onboarding system. Here are some of the best methods that you can use to find the right candidates for the job.

1.   Ask for Proof of Certifications

If you are currently relaxed about the type of degree or qualification that candidates have obtained, you should consider asking for proof of relevant certifications. Certifications can ensure that the candidates that you interview are right for the job and that they have the specific skills that they need to excel in their potential role. They also show that individuals are dedicated to their chosen career and that they have the focus that is needed to obtain a qualification to a high level. For instance, within the construction industry, many employers have now started to ask for CPCS certifications that can check whether potential employees work in a safe and competent way that can benefit your company.

2.   Use Industry-Specific Job Boards

Online job boards are now one of the most common ways that employers connect with potential candidates. They offer many benefits to your recruitment process, such as allowing employers to find a broader range of candidates and to easily manage a high number of applications. However, rather than opting to use general job websites, such as Indeed and Reed, you should consider posting your advertisements on industry-specific job boards. These can allow you to connect with serious applicants that have relevant qualifications or experience within your sector, rather than advertising to a wider audience.

3.   Download Recruitment Software

Downloading recruitment software is a time-saving way to manage job postings at every stage of the recruitment process — from candidate applications to interviews. Recruitment software can automate a range of functions, such as screening CVs and selecting appropriate applications to go forward to the interview stage. Not only that, but recruitment software can also perform skills tests, organise onboarding for new employees, and monitor data which can help you to streamline your recruitment drives in the future.

4.   Create a Talent Pipeline

You can also improve your business’s recruitment process by creating a talent pipeline that can help you find candidates for jobs that are difficult to fill, or that require employees with specific talents or knowledge. You can do this by creating a database that contains information about past employees, interns, or applicants. You will then be able to use this data to isolate individuals who may have the right skills and experience for the posting that you are looking to fill. You can expand this talent pool by attending industry and networking events, and joining business social media websites. These may help you to connect with individuals who match your business’s values and brand message.

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