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How effective are affiliate programs for online casino operators?

affiliate programs for online casino
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The global online casino sector is booming and has certainly become even busier due to COVID-19 lockdown measures. When lockdown was in full effect in countries such as the UK, playing online casino games was a welcome bit of fun and a way to make the most of all the spare time people suddenly had. In truth though, this sector has been on the up for a while, as the multi-billion revenues it has pulled in over recent times show.

The UK is one of the leading markets for online casino play and has many big-name brands, such as 888 Casino, LeoVegas and Betfair, operating within its borders. This is quite staggering when you consider that the UK iGaming industry is not that old. When you also factor in its growth over time and how popular it has become in mainstream society, it gets even more interesting.

There are many reasons why online casinos have become so popular recently – many of them down to the clever marketing and promotional tactics the sites themselves use. One of the techniques used is affiliate programs. For an overview of the best online casino affiliate programs, visit But what are these programs and do they work for online casinos?

What are online casino affiliate programs?

In simple terms, these are programs that online casinos use to partner with individual marketers to gain more customers. The general idea is that the individual marketeer signs up with a reputable affiliate program and then promotes the relevant casino. This can involve anything from blogging or placing links on their websites to posting on social media, but is always done with the aim of the affiliate referring new players to the casino. If this happens, the affiliate is rewarded financially by the casino in question, through the affiliate program.

But does this tactic actually work out for the online casinos that participate? The simple answer would seem to be: yes. You only have to look at the growth of the entire online casino sector, since techniques such as affiliate marketing have been used for proof of that. Although there is a cost to casinos of covering affiliate payments, the benefits they get in return far outweigh this. Part of the best marketing strategies for growth in business always involve entering new markets and taking a greater share of your industry. Affiliate programs have given online casinos another way to go about this and get the edge over their competitors.

But what specific benefits can any casino derive from being part of a good affiliate program?

Boost their brand awareness

Any good affiliate program will have reputable people to partner with for casinos. Being able to use the high online standing that successful affiliates have is great for helping online operators boost their own reputation. By having their casino brand on influential sites, it allows the casino itself to gain an extra air of credibility in the iGaming sector. Finding ways to increase your brand awareness is critical in business, and affiliate programs give online casinos a simple yet effective way to do this.

Allows for affiliate performance tracking

Decent affiliate programs are effective for online operators because they give a tangible way to track performance. Any good program will have the right tools for casinos to monitor how various affiliates are getting on and how many new players they have referred over time. By keeping an eye on this, casinos can work more closely with those who are performing well or pinpoint those affiliates who are not.

Greater exposure in new markets

Using the concept of superbrand sponsorship is one way that casinos can help get the word out about what they offer. This is not the only marketing tactic at their disposal, though, as affiliate programs demonstrate. As we have already noted, one of the real reasons behind online casinos growing in popularity has been the way they have broadened their appeal. It is no longer just hardcore gamblers who love to log on and play casino games. Affiliate marketing has been a great help here as it has enabled brands to market themselves on a wider scale to more people. By expanding their marketing network via affiliates, it has really helped them reach people who they might otherwise have not.

Affiliate programs are effective for online operators

There seems to be little doubt that affiliate programs are an effective marketing tool for online casino operators to use. Of course, the real beauty of this type of partnership is that it also works well for the affiliates they partner with. As a way to appeal to new players and expand the scope of their marketing beyond what they could achieve alone, this type of program is a must for all successful online operators.

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