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Tips to extend your phones battery lifespan

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How do you feel when you are out, and your phone’s battery dies or is about to die? Well, the most common answer is irritated and restless. Yes!! We all are so addicted to our phones that even the thought of a low or dying battery creeps the hell out of us.

It is not just the low or dying battery that irritates us. Many of the mobile phone brands do not provide easy user access to mobile batteries these days. With all the advantages a mobile phone carries, an ill-performing battery is one glitch that it brings along. Even the elite brands like Apple and Samsung do not provide a long-lasting battery.

Now, replacing a phone’s lithium battery is quite a painful task, and the easier task is to take care of the battery that comes with the phone. So, what can be done to make sure that your phone’s battery is safe and will run well for a long time?

No idea? Do not worry!! This article has got your back. Here, I will take you on the run down to various tips, following which, you will be able to extend your phone’s battery lifespan.

So, let’s scroll down.

#1. Avoid Fast Charging

People generally prefer fast charging because they are not aware of the fact that quick charging stresses the phone’s battery. So, make sure to avoid fast charging till the time you need it.

The slower you charge your phone, the better it works for the battery. Also, charging your phone through the smart plugs or a computer may limit the amount of voltage flowing into the phone, eventually slowing its rate of charging.

#2. Avoid Draining Your Phone’s Battery

Older batteries had a battery memory, and if you did not charge them to full or drain them to zero, they remembered the same and reduced their useful range.

The latest phone’s batteries operate differently, and it stresses them to get drain or charge completely. The batteries perform well if you keep them above 20 per cent and below 90 per cent. To be precise, a phone’s battery runs the best when charged around 50 per cent.

#3. Adjust the Screen Brightness

Do you know that your phone’s screen uses most of the battery? Well, you know it now. If you keep your phone’s display at the lowest possible brightness, then it will save your phone’s battery. For that matter, you may use the auto-brightness option and let the screen adjust itself according to the environment.

#4. Charge Your Phone to 50%

The healthiest charging limit for a lithium-ion battery is 50 per cent. So, if you want to store your phone’s battery for an extended period, then make sure you charge it to 50 per cent.

#5. Reduce the Screen timeout

The default screen timeout is 1 to 2 minutes. Well, you can change the same to 15 to 20 seconds. This will help in saving the battery power because the screen uses most of the battery (as said earlier).

#6. Go for the Darker Themes

Phones with AMOLED or OLED screens have some cool features. So, if you have a phone with a dark theme, it might save a lot of battery energy.

A hot tip: If you are looking to try a phone with a dark theme feature, then you may explore and rent mobile phone online with dark theme feature. I suggest renting because it is a budget-friendly option for you to own the most expensive mobile phone and it also comes with the feature of upgrading to any other phone of your choice, as and when you like.

#7. Turn Off the Vibration Mode

All phones come with a ringing, silent, and vibration mode. Many people prefer keeping their phones on vibration mode without realizing that it drains out most of their phone’s battery. So, if you keep your phone on vibration mode, avoid doing so.

You may use the notification pop-up on the screen.

#8. Turn On the Power Saving Mode of Your Phone

Almost all the phones come with a power-saving mode. Yes!! Using this mode will restrict your phone’s performance but will increase the battery life.

You may also switch to this option when the battery of your phone is running low, and you do not have any spot to charge your phone.

#9. Turn Off Auto-Download Option

Do you know that you can turn off the auto-download option? So, better customize the applications in your phone to update when you want them to. Also, turn your phone’s settings to update only on wi-fi.

This will prevent unnecessary wastage of your phone’s battery.

#10. Turn Off Location Tracking

There are many applications on your phone which do not need location tracking. One of the best examples of such applications is Facebook. So, turn off the location tracking option in the application in which it is not required.

This will eventually save a lot of your phone’s battery.

#11. Maintain Cool Temperature

Always avoid putting out your phone in a warm place. People generally do not care about leaving their phones out in the sunlight or their car parked under the sun. Well, if you are not aware of this, then let me tell you that it drains and harms the battery of the phone.

So, the next you are about to leave your phone under direct heat, keep this in mind that it will be of no good for your phone.

In A Crux

With so many features to offer to its users, the mobile phone only works well if you take care of its battery. Just as human beings need air to breathe, food, and water to survive, a mobile needs the battery to perform various functions.

So, make sure that you keep the above tips in mind to extend the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

Also, if you have any other tips that can help enhance the life of a mobile phone’s battery, feel free to share the same in the comment section below.

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