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iOS vs Android: what’s the best choice for your mobile app?

Want to conquer the market and stay ahead of your competitors? In that case, having a mobile app is a must. But this is where you need to make some tough decisions that will have an immense impact on your business. Which operating system to choose? Is Android a better choice than iOS? Read on and discover the main pros and cons of both platforms.

iOS and Android: advantages and disadvantages

This article will focus on several aspects of Android and iOS, such as the market share, costs, and time to market. We hope that our analysis will help you make the right decision.

Market share

Without a doubt, Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems worldwide. However, it is worth noting that the first one is currently definitely dominating the mobile market, covering 72.18% of the total market share.

Let’s not forget that iOS is now the leading operating system in some countries (for example, in the United States, it covers 57.33% of the total market). So your choice should mainly depend on your target market. If you want to gain more users from Europe, choose Android. However, if the US is your desired market, then iOS may be a far better solution.


Now, let’s get down to business and talk about the most pressing issue: money. If you want to build an app for your business, you need to be aware of one thing right from the beginning: it consumes lots of time, and the whole development process may take up to several months. Keep in mind that, when opting for Android development, your app must be compatible with multiple system versions and devices. And it may significantly increase the overall development costs.

Many people tend to forget about one particular thing – once you build an app, it needs to be published. Interestingly, Google Play Store is significantly cheaper than App Store, which is a setback for iOS development.

Time to market

Time is money – I guess we can all agree to that. As a product owner or a stakeholder, you want to release the application as soon as possible. And this should come as no surprise.

When discussing the budget issues, I’ve mentioned that when developing an Android digital product, you need to keep in mind that it will work on many devices and screen resolutions. How come? Android is an operating system not only for mobile devices but also for tablets and home appliances. And this will significantly extend the development process.

When it comes to iOS, you need to build a digital solution that works only on Apple devices. This way, development and testing take much less time.

iOS vs Android: so what to choose?

In this article, we focused on three significant aspects that, most probably, will have a major impact on your final choice.

“What one is better: iOS or Android?” – there’s no one correct answer to this question. Simply, you need to consider which one will fit your project and business goals better. Or sometimes you don’t even keep making the decision and choose cross-platform development. This solution is also worth exploring!

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