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Using the social media to market cannabis

The social media is a unique platform that enables cannabis consumers and producers of the same to come together. Proper planning and approach are however required if you are to succeed on these networking platforms. While you should be prepared to overcome some barriers on these platforms, the social media provides an excellent avenue for brands, cultivators, and brands to reach out to a broader audience base. It, however, all begins with organic social media.

With the right strategy and time, your cannabis business can soar to great heights making you a leader in the industry. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks on how to market your product on social media.

  1. Reach out to Influencers

First, you will need to set an account with the popular social networking platforms. Be sure to use proper branding of the business on these pages. It is after doing this that you can start fishing for authoritative accounts and ‘follow’ any influencer in the industry (marijuana) you can find.  Be sure to comment on Facebook and instant, reply to their tweets, and also reply to comments on YouTube. The key to building a following is creating a relationship with the audience and influencers. Don’t start selling just yet.

  1. Identify your Audience

Identifying target audiences, consumers, patients and clients on social media is relatively easy. You can do this by spotlighting anything from their quotes on their preferred strain, photos of them using cannabis, etc. Be sure to like, retweet, or even share their content on Facebook, Instagram, or re-pin them on Pinterest.  It is by showing the love and sharing their content that they will start showing interest in your brand as well.

  1. Join the Conversation

Hashtags are some of the main driving forces of social media today. You can use these to find relevant conversations to join. Look for the hashtag #cannabis to see how many people are discussing the same. You can then join the discussions by answering their queries and even making recommendations. You might find someone inquiring about the best strain for a particular condition, be sure to give a helpful reference for them.

  1. Create and Post Relevant Content

Relevance is crucial on social media. That said, you need to create content relating to cannabis and how it can help users. For instance, you can create content answering popular questions patients, consumers, and clients ask on the same platform. This can be in the form of videos or just a simple post.

  1. Be Available and Consistent

Consistency is required when advertising your product on social media. It is by being consistent with your posts that audiences and target customers will notice the effort. Posting just one post or tweet in a day won’t make any difference in the overcrowded marketplace.  You will therefore need a concrete strategy to push relevant and informative content whenever possible.  Be sure to replay to comments, messages, and replies as fast as possible to get the audience’s attention.

With more states legalizing recreational marijuana, the market is about to see significant growth, as well as competition.  You will have a better stand if you already have an audience and client base at hand when business starts booming.  The social media is here to help you reach out far and wide for clients and consumers. Use it to boost your presence.

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