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Why own a business card in 2018

In simple terms, your business will thrive if you are a good communicator. And business cards are the most effective and succinct way for your basic contact details to remain in front of your prospects and clients for an extended time.

Smartphone adverts might promote meetings where you “touch phones” and your contact details are magically swapped. Although this sells phones, it does not reflect the reality of dealing with prospective and existing customers.

Business cards don’t have to be boring. In fact, if your business card is unique in some way through design or materials, clients are more likely to hold on to it. Psychologically it is harder to throw away something that looks like you value it yourself. Professional printers such as HelloPrint can show you what is possible for your particular business. The options will seem limitless.

From the Mundane to the Sublime, Business Cards are essential

There is a reason business cards continue to be an essential part of business communications: they work. All you have to do is remember what happens when you don’t have any on you. The frustration of finding a piece of paper, a pen, or slowly dictating the details to the other person. Having to spell out the address letter by letter, and phone numbers, digit by digit. Handing over a business card, and receiving one in return, is very efficient.

Business Cards Communicate More

Although we expect business cards to contain the basic contact details, effective business cards also communicate on many other levels. You can show off how creative you are by using exotic materials, such as see-through PVC, or even metal. By using images you can enhance the main ideas you want to convey, from a professional portrait, or an example of what you sell, or even that you are inclusive, planet-friendly, or any other basic message you wish to convey.

The Ritual and Culture of Business Cards

If you are handed a business card, and you don’t have one to hand over in return, the meeting immediately starts off with one party on the back foot. Perhaps you can’t afford them? Maybe you don’t care enough to appear professional?

Other situations, such as interacting with clients from Asia, require the ritual exchange of business cards. This is carried out with reverence and respect.

When providing quotes, on-site or in-home work, or other services within the community, the absence of a business card will not just be inconvenient, it will set you apart as someone less organised, less committed, and less professional.

Get creative. Get communicating. Get Business Cards

There are very few businesses that do not need business cards. If cost is an issue, entry-level business cards are extremely affordable. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, start thinking striking graphics, magnetic, see-through, folded cards, high-quality linen, two-sided printing, or even integrating digital media such as USB business cards.

USB business cards are the ultimate way to hand customers rich multi-media information including product specifications, how-to videos, or an off-line copy of the company website.

With the right mindset, business cards aren’t just basic essentials for business, they provide an exciting platform for sales, rich information, and an expression of what makes you and your company better than the rest.

Visit the online printer HelloPrint’s website. It will provide you with design ideas, show you a range of materials, and if you are ready to go ahead: place an order. Their materials are durable, the inks won’t fade, smudge or run, and the cards will be on their way quickly.

If you are running out, think of a redesign. If you don’t have any yet, get the advantage by joining businesses that use business cards in 2018.

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