Partnership in action
A Waitrose case study

Page 1: Introduction

Business organisations prosper in proportion to their ability to add value to products. The value which they create is measured in terms of consumer satisfaction. Therefore if you can find out what consumers want and need and are able to satisfy these requirements then you will have a winning formula.This case study shows how Waitrose working in partnership with Noon Products has developed a...
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Page 2: Adding value

Any business involved in adding value will require: Excellent links with suppliers. Excellent internal links between activities inside the business organisation. Excellent links with customers. Links with suppliersA business needs to make sure that it gets inputs of the right quality, at the right price and at the right time. For example, a company such as Waitrose will insist that the goods...
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Page 3: Research

In 1995, Indian ready meals were a multi-million pound business to Waitrose and sales were increasing rapidly. Indian meals made up 40% of all Waitrose’s Own Label sales of ready meals.Market research carried out by Waitrose indicated that the time was right for segmenting the Indian ready meal market. Consumers were looking for variety. Over the years they had become increasingly...
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Page 4: Suppliers

Waitrose needs to ensure that it is supplied with the Indian meals it requires, of the right quality, at the right price and at the right time. In a similar way, Noon Products needs to make sure that it gets the ingredients of the right quality at the right price and at the right time. This highlight the international nature of the supply operations. Because Waitrose and Noon Products deal with so...
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Page 5: Launching the products

A company such as Waitrose is dependent on its reputation for quality. The “quality management” process requires clear identification of customers and their needs and meeting these needs with products and services which conform with the customers’ requirements or are “fit for purpose.” It is essential therefore to build up a strong link with a supplier like Noon...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study highlights the importance of developing the value chain and ensuring the highest possible quality standards. It also demonstrates the way in which a market conscious organisation can lead the field by identifying the type of premium products which increasingly sophisticated consumers are requiring today. Waitrose has been able to make substantial gains in the Indian recipe dish...
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