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What Is CISO and How to Find a Reliable One?

The integration of business and technology that is taking place during the digital revolution is creating more complex ecosystems for companies and their employees dealing with security issues. Who is responsible for the cybersecurity of the company? The CISO is the Chief Information Officer, who must ensure that business goals and cybersecurity objectives are linked. All CISO activities should be aimed at ensuring business continuity and creating conditions for its stable predictable development.

What Tasks Should CISO Perform?

Here are the key responsibilities of the CISO in the company:

  • Continuous interaction with senior management to ensure a consistent understanding of the goals and objectives of the business and ensuring its cybersecurity;
  • Formation of a cybersecurity strategy in the context of the goals pursued by the business;
  • Organization of processes for analyzing and managing cybersecurity risks across the entire business.

The level of responsibility of the CISO is much higher than that of a typical head of the information security department. Accordingly, the requirements for a candidate for such a position will also differ significantly. Of course, finding such a person is not an easy task.

Virtual CISO Is a Great Solution for Your Business

Today, you shouldn’t search for the person who will take the position of CISO in the company. There is a more effective solution — a virtual CISO service. Using it, you will get m monthly reports about the efficiency of your information security program. Everyone knows that advanced software works more effectively than the most well-educated human. Now, you have a chance to modernize your security management.

Why do more and more reputable companies entrust their security to the virtual CISO? There are several reasons for this. Check what advantages you will enjoy:

  • The guaranteed protection from cyberattacks;
  • The first-class training of employees for them to have a better understanding of business security;
  • 100% Security of IT infrastructure;
  • Correct security settings for all cloud services;
  • Top-quality vulnerability management;
  • Security of email and other communication channels;
  • Modeling of cyber attack and testing;
  • Taking all the necessary security measures for safe development of the company’s software;
  • The expanded security of devices, including reliable antivirus systems and other effective methods.

The virtual CISO can provide you with full security. You shouldn’t worry about sudden cyberattacks anymore. The protection of all your servers will be on the top level. Entrust your business security to the virtual CISO and forget about any worries regarding attacks, malware, and other possible risks.

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