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5 Ways to find the best MSP for your London firm

Whether or not your business has yet to supplement its workforce with a managed service provider (MSP), there isn’t a better time than the present to invest in this vital service.

From comprehensive managed IT services to general system maintenance, MSPs are a surefire method to improve your business’s output without spending a large number of resources on an in-house department’s demands. From London to New York, organisations big and small are outsourcing more than ever before — there’s a good chance that your business is contemplating the change as well.

The boom in managed service providers availability means there’s a bounty of choices for your workforce to choose from, but it also means some additional research is required before settling on a decision. Sphere IT a managed IT service provider in London, warns businesses to “select a MSP only if they adequately meet your criteria, as they will quickly become a vital piece to your success.”

If your company is planning to make the switch, be sure to examine the following requirements beforehand.

Look for Scalability and Focus

Every facet of your business is geared towards encouraging growth, and the same should go for your MSP. Research the organisation’s operational capacity, from the size of their workforce to the number of infrastructures they currently manage. Ultimately, the IT service provider you choose must have the capability to scale their support in accordance to your business’s growth without having to reduce their focus on helping you solve problems.

Find a Specialist

Businesses should think of MSPs like doctors — if you have a special health-related issue, you’ll seek out a specialist, rather than a general provider. This is precisely the reason many MSPs acquire specific accreditations that tailor their services towards a unique IT aspect.

While an all-encompassing MSP might seem tempting, in reality, the services they provide may only be mediocre at best. If their workforce attempts to tackle every aspect of your IT, then there will be less focus spent on your most urgent needs.

Before you even begin your search for a managed IT service provider, take a moment to consider the services your business requires most. After, you can search for an MSP who specialises in those requirements, and in turn, receive services of better quality.

Choose an Innovator

 Just because a MSP is based in a bustling tech city like London or Manchester doesn’t mean they’ll be the best fit for your company. As always, research is your most valuable tool. Your business will likely evolve and come up with innovative solutions throughout its lifespan, which means your outsourced partners should be prepared to do the same.

From the utilisation of the cloud to automated systems, many MSPs provide forward-thinking, ultra-efficient IT services. Don’t settle for a provider who still uses archaic methods of support, and instead, seek out those who are prepared — and successful — when it comes to adapting to an ever-changing market.

Double-Check Their Client Relationships

Any successful IT service provider will proudly provide your business with a portfolio to back up the quality of their services. Ask for a comprehensive list of their client relationships — both past and present — to examine their success rate. If they’re a team worth investing in, you’ll find that the organisations they support are sticking around for the long run. As such, this means the MSP provides services intended to encourage your business’s long-term success, rather than only short-term solutions.

Avoid Financial Pitfalls or Sham MSPs

As with any large investment, finding the right managed service providerultimately relies on your finances. Always consider potential risks and stay away from providers with poor track records or predatory contracts. By now, most worthwhile MSPs offer enough flexibility that you can comfortably pay for their services without putting the neck of your business on the line — they should be willing to work with you on finding an appropriate compensation agreement.

Hopefully, by following the criteria listed above, your business can successfully avoid MSP scams and instead discover a business partner to lead you towards success.

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