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Why explainer video marketing rules right now

In the current age of internet savvy consumers and online businesses, the rules of marketing have undergone a huge transformation to keep up with the changing times. Every product and service requires testing and development before it can be made available to the public and in cases of services and products that break the conventional norm it is of utmost importance to teach your customers how to use your product or service.

Even when you make presentations pitching your idea to a potential investor or are explaining your vision and your idea to your employees or group workers, how efficiently can you get your message across so that they understand what you mean is an art in its own right.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a breed of customer/mass education techniques that helps you get complex ideas and information across to the target audience in an easy and simple manner making it extremely easy for people to understand the intended message. The old television advertisements that had hosts describing different appliances and products and giving the people a demonstration of how to use these products and services. Explainer videos use animations, texts, whiteboard videos to help people better understand and contextualize the message that is being put across.

Whiteboard videos, in particular, are an excellent way of helping people understand data and other information related to things and how it produces a particular effect on our lives.

Explainer Video Marketing

simpleShow: professional video marketing provides modern video marketing solutions using explainer videos as the base. Video marketing solutions provide you with a wide range of applications in sales meetings, content marketing, corporate presentations etc.

Video marketing has entered a new phase of dominance with the emergence of explainer videos as much more information can be communicated without as much investment and effort. Gone are the days of elaborate setups to create a scenario with paid actors and sets, all of it can be done simply using animation which allows for much more creative control and allows you to simplify complex information in a way to allow the common man understand and comprehend it

SimpleShow has become a market leader in providing explainer video marketing services with its dynamic usage of animation, text and pictures. mysimpleshow allows you to use explainer videos for internal communication, employee training and even educating your customer on the correct way to use your product or service. A simple show using animation, text and pictures makes it easier for your business to communicate both internally and to your customers.


The ease of creating these videos, the freedom they provide in terms of creativity and content along with the inherent nature of animation being one of the most efficient methods of advertising, explainer video marketing is on the rise and is going to stay on top for a long time.

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