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MAAM life soft skills

The set of personal qualities is what makes us unique. Successful business people must have a versatile personality. They should be able to manage the knowledge and skills required for a well-done job, but also to possess those “more humane” qualities.

People are born with specific soft skills, but during our lifetime, we can improve them. After we learn how to use these skills and knowledge in the best possible way, it will have a positive impact on our private and business life.

In the MAAM training program, the focus is on improving these skills. There are certain situations in life when your soft skills are on the test, and parenting is one of them. The aim of this master program is to help new parents not to forget their “business” side. And the most important thing is to learn how them to apply those new-found features in their jobs.

Changes that parenthood brings can have many benefits for your career. So creators of this training program developed the application that allows employees to keep up with business events, even when you are on a maternity/paternity leave. Below you can find some soft skills that people usually improve after they became parents.


Good communication is a must for your career development. At first glance, it’s a piece of cake, because we all know how to talk, right? But things are more complicated than it seems. Communication takes place both in a verbal and non-verbal way, both consciously and unconsciously. Good communication is talking, but also listening. People are often unaware of their eloquence and empathy until they become parents.

Problem Solving and Better Organization

Good organization and problem-solving are the skills which “fresh” parents brought almost to perfection. They literally learn to find the answer for the current problem (e.g., about the kid) on their feet. And companies need proactive people, who take action on the first hint of the difficulty. Those people develop the skill of finding a fast and effective solution, and they act. This skill can significantly improve their working performance after getting back to work.

Better Time Management

This skill is not innate, but it comes with practice. And as every exercise leads to perfection, you will have plenty of time to work on it, while being with your baby. After getting back to work, you’ll know your time management method is successful if others think about how you work much harder than them. And you actually work a lot more efficient.

Over time, you will learn to separate important things from non-important and to set priority tasks. Job distribution is also a significant item in time management, especially for people in higher positions, managers and directors. When you organize your time well, it will result in increased productivity, as well in higher motivation for work.

Creativity and Innovation

While you’re trying to entertain your toddler in hundreds of ways, you are probably not aware of how that can stimulate your brain. This has become your routine, but a good training program can help you to implement this skill into your work performance. We are all born with creativity; now it’s time to use it for the right purpose.

Each one of us has creative potentials and, if you want to make progress, you have to discover ways to improve them. Sometimes a good idea is all you need because creativity produces innovation. Innovations are a way for the company to respond to changes and adapt to them. And every employer will know how to appreciate such flexibility among workers.

There is no ideal employee, and you shouldn’t strive for perfection at all costs. If you are working on your soft skills, and you see the improvement in your work, your employer will be satisfied too.

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