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Your COVID-19 marketing strategy playbook

The marketing field is face-paced and ever-changing. If you work in this field you’re used to learning and adapting to the job. Well, the COVID-19 crisis has stretched this need for adaptability to a new level. This virus has rocked the world and changed our definition of “normal.” So as a marketing strategist, how do you navigate that?

With the world on lockdown and many individuals out of work, you want to proceed with caution. Your normal marketing tactics may not be as effective for the current world climate. The world is in crisis; now isn’t the time to be running a campaign about a “fun in the sun” summer. With the growing health concern, you may even wonder if now is the time for marketing. The answer is yes, but with care. At the end of the day, you’re helping to keep your business afloat during these times as well.

As with any marketing, keep the consumer at the front of all your decisions. How can you help and comfort them? How can you also help your coworkers and your company? It’s a fine line to walk. Below are just a few strategies to add to your COVID-19 marketing playbook.

Acknowledge and Empathize

In a way, the world is experiencing trauma right now. Individual’s worlds are falling apart and they have no clue when it will go back to normal. On the other hand, people are coming together in new, creative ways. Everyday heroes from nurses and doctors to grocery workers are keeping our world afloat and doing it with a smile. This cannot go ignored in COVID-era marketing.

Acknowledge what the world is going through and empathize with your customers. A banner on your website acknowledging COVID-19 and explaining how your company is handling it shows your consumers that you care and you’re in touch with their needs. Or maybe run advertisements thanking healthcare workers and encouraging those fighting this virus. Promote social distancing in creative ways that also rebrand your product. In a way, this is a time to get creative. How can you acknowledge what is going on without diminishing its effects, but also finding an uplifting angle?

People support companies when they feel supported as well. Show that we’re all in this together, businesses and consumers alike.


Help Where You Can

Running ads and publishing an uplifting piece of content goes so far. The next step is to figure out the best way to help where you can. For example, larger companies have put together digital benefits for Feeding America and other charities helping during this time. Other businesses may help on a smaller scale. For loyal customers, can you cut them a break during this time? Maybe lower or eliminate a subscription cost during quarantine or give back to your clients with extra perks and merchandise. Also giving back to your employees will help your image and create company loyalty.

Understandably, everyone may be struggling during this time, including your business. No one expects you to save the world single-handedly, but helping where you can won’t go unnoticed.


Way before COVID, the internet was already a main marketing tool, and it has become even more important now. When people are stuck at home Googling, you want to be the first search result that pops up on their screen. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial.

SEO companies create original content on outside web pages to increase your search engine ranking. More page views mean more customers for you. SEO content optimization develops the best content for blog posts, text, and product descriptions that then link specific keywords back to your website. Quality content and high traffic deemed by Google analytics then become top ranking pages that reach your target audience more effectively.

SEO is a great way to reach more customers in a cost-effective way. So if everyone is stuck inside on their phones and computers all day anyway, work to direct them to your site with your quality content.

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