Positioning the brand
A Chap Stick case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Chap Stick 2 Image 5Chap Stick is an important product in that it provides a range of benefits of which consumers are becoming increasingly aware. Chap Stick is no longer just a healthcare product – the repositioning process has helped to reinforce its role and distinctive image for active people who are young, sporty and healthy.

It has become increasingly popular amongst those who play tennis, football or cricket and who may train and play outdoors for considerable periods of time. As a lip balm, the brand offers the basic requirements: it provides protection and moisturises lips. It also offers the added value ingredients of choice of flavours and sunscreen. The 1995/96 ‘Get Active’ Promotion helped to develop positioning activities which:

  • raised the overall consumer brand profile and sales over the peak selling period
  • gained extra distribution and trade support for Chap Stick
  • gained display and impact at the point of sale.

The next stage for this highly successful brand leader in the United States is to increase its market share in the UK, to become the UK’s brand leader. More and more, Chap Stick the name is becoming equated with the product. An increasing number of people are using the product as part of their everyday lives - for these people it is no longer just a seasonal or impulse purchase, it has become a necessity.

Chap Stick | Positioning the brand