Communicating through the "world game", for brand and corporate reputation
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 6: Evaluating effective communication

The Company uses several means of evaluating the success of its communications programmes including:

  • audience response to local initiatives e.g. pupils involved in local football coaching and football competitions - how positive have they been about their experience?
  • reach - how many people have been involved in football initiatives supported by Coca-Cola?
  • opportunities to see and absorb - how many people have been exposed to messages about Coca-Cola and its support for football?
  • cost per thousand - how effective has the communications exercise been in terms of numbers reached for every £ spent on supporting that particular football initiative? Do those involved in the scheme and who have benefited from it (e.g. youth football associations) feel that it has been 'money well spent', or are they suggesting better ways of doing things?

All projects are carefully evaluated to make sure that they are achieving their aims in the most effective manner.  Methods of evaluation vary depending on the type of project. Coca-Cola adjusts its activities in the light of these evaluations.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Communicating through the "world game", for brand and corporate reputation