Corporate citizenship and the community
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Coca Cola Great Britain 4 Image 1Corporate citizenship is not about creating an unrelated series of well-meaning measures for supporting communities. Instead, corporate citizenship is concerned with developing a company-wide strategy which creates an integrated series of values, aims, policies and operational activities which are given high priority within an organisation, are carefully thought through and systematically evaluated.

Of course, all aspects of corporate citizenship need to be continually updated and improved. While Coca-Cola is proud of its accomplishments, the Company recognises that its work is far from complete. In the area of environmental issues, for example, there are opportunities for infinite progress. As today’s high standards become the baseline for tomorrow’s expectations, Coca-Cola will need to elevate its programs and policies even higher. Coca-Cola knows, however, that this provides the opportunity to demonstrate, in very tangible and meaningful ways, that The Coca-Cola Company is different, special and better.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Corporate citizenship and the community