The importance of social responsibility
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

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Page 4: eKOsystem

The environmental management system of TCCC is known as the eKOsystem. The Company 'conducts its business in ways that protect, preserve and enhance the environment.' The eKOsystem of TCCC translates this principle into action by establishing a framework for successfully managing the Company's environmental performance worldwide.

'Coca-Cola' sets itself this objective: 'We cooperate with public, private and governmental organisations in seeking solutions to environmental challenges. We direct our skills, energies and resources to those activities and issues where we can make a positive and effective contribution.'

'Coca-Cola' recognises the importance of 'doing the right thing' with regard to the local and global environment as the Company builds and nurtures strong brands. The Company takes progressive actions that focus on minimising environmental impact, striving for continuous improvement and seeking to provide leadership in three critical areas - water efficiency and quality, energy efficiency and the elimination or minimisation of solid waste. It also supports local initiatives that have a positive environmental impact. Taken together, these help promote a sustainable future.

Currently 'Coca-Cola' is committed to the following GB environmental initiatives. They are continually reviewed to ensure they fit with ongoing strategy.

For over 30 years the Company has supported the Tidy Britain Group, including the People and Places initiative. This supports local authorities in their efforts to keep the local environment clean, eg in reducing and eliminating litter, graffiti, dog fouling and disposing of abandoned cars. The National Spring Clean initiative, recently renamed Just Bin It, takes place each April and involves schools, business organisations and local authorities in tidying up local 'grot spots'.

Coca-Cola Great Britain is a founder member of the Environment 21 Club of Going for Green, Britain's biggest ever campaign to increase and encourage public awareness of environmental issues. The Coca-Cola Youth Foundation is a major sponsor of eco Schools, a Europe-wide project that aims to raise students' awareness of environmental issues through classroom study. It encourages youngsters to take an active role in how their school and their community can be run to the benefit of the environment. It provides practical steps as to how the environmental impact of schools can be reduced.

'Coca-Cola' supports a number of resources for schools on environmental issues including:

  • Our World, Our Responsibility - a comprehensive environmental guide for schools, produced by the RSPB under the auspices of the Council for Environmental Education.
  • Wise Up To Waste: The Dustbin Pack - explaining aspects of recycling for secondary and primary school pupils respectively, produced in cooperation with Waste Watch.
  • Finding Out...About Packaging - covering the history, use and proper disposal of packaging, backed up by a wallchart distributed through INCPEN.
  • Finding Out... About Managing Waste - covering all aspects of waste management for GCSE pupils distributed through INCPEN.

In working with education it is important for the Company to ensure that support activities are tied in with the brand. For example, 'Coca-Cola' supports the recycling of cans, and has a clear interest in education about issues related to recycling.

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