Market leadership in the 3G market
A Hutchison 3G case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

3G wireless technology provides an exciting new development in the way people communicate with each other. It enables us to use a much more comprehensive range of communication than previous forms. Because of the greater bandwidth the new technology offers, there are tremendous benefits to be gained by business and private users. Features such as high-speed internet connections and the transmission of pictures and sound give users access to high-quality information wherever they are.

Future development

A major strength of 3 is an emphasis on anticipating and meeting customers' needs. The company recognises that it can continue to be the market leader only if its product is superior to that of its rivals. This will only be the case if 3 understands what its customers want.

In a fast-moving industry, it is important to find out what clients prefer today, but 3 must also research their future requirements. It must also frequently research new technologies in this way it will stay at the forefront of the field and retain market leadership. 3G is a developing technology and the greatest benefits are likely to come in the next couple of years. Because of its market leadership, 3 is ideally placed to continue to lead developments in 3G.

Hutchison 3G | Market leadership in the 3G market