Kit Kat: Revitalising a Brand Leader
A Nestlé case study

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Page 9: The success of the launch

The launch of Kit Kat Chunky proved to be one of the best marketing success stories in recent times. Over 50 million bars were despatched within the first few weeks of the launch. Kit Kat Chunky almost immediately became the best selling countline, and this success story has continued. Nestlé provided excellent support for retailers by providing them with in-store promotions and a smooth supply of the product in order to meet the massive customer demand. Within 6 months, more than 20 percent of the UK population of the UK had tried the product, and repeat rates have been very high.

Both the quantitative and the qualitative objectives for the launch were quickly met. The most successful aspect of the launch and subsequent marketing activity has been that of revitalising interest in the Kit Kat line, particularly among the 12-20 year old age group. There has been a clear knock-on effect into other age groups and only a limited negative effect on the sale of the traditional four-finger Kit Kat. In addition, the Kit Kat Chunky is a versatile product with an ability to inject new ideas into the market focused at 12-20 year olds eg by producing varieties such as orange flavoured Chunky.

Nestlé | Kit Kat: Revitalising a Brand Leader