Launching a new cinema
An UCI Cinemas case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Uci Cinemas 3 Image 6The new multiplex at Blanchardstown is not designed to target a single audience. With nine screens, it takes a variety of market segments into account, such as young children on Saturday mornings, teenagers later in the day and adults wishing to combine an evening out with a cinema experience. The success of Blanchardstown will depend upon how an audience is built over a longer period. Promotions are particularly good at doing this. UCI has used three different sorts of promotions designed to build loyalty and develop usage. These are:

  • traffic promotions using a media partner designed to encourage customers to use the cinema
  • reward promotions which add value to a visit to a UCI
  • retail promotions with concessions, such as the Lost World promotion.

The key to the long-term future of UCI is to keep feeding the entertainment needs of the market with high quality film products. It is only with the support of the film industry that this concept can grow. As with Blanchardstown, each successful opening needs to be built upon. The new generation of UCI Cinemas is more than a building full of cinema auditoriums. The aim has been to build upon the multiplex concept in a way which further differentiates UCI from its rivals so that more people will not only go to the cinema more often, but when they go, they will choose UCI in preference to any other brand.

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