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What Are Celebrities Allowed To Take Into The Jungle: I’m A Celebrity

In every game show, the contestants are only allowed to take certain things inside. I am a celebrity in a reality TV show which has made a substantial viewership throughout the years. Every year, when it is aired, the fans keep waiting for the tasks and trials to begin to enjoy the game.

Every trial in the show helps people decide who to vote out and who to keep in the game. However, as per the rules and regulations of the game, the contestants are only allowed to take a few things to the campsite, which are mentioned as under:


The celebrities can take their clothes with them to water during the show. However, the red uniform is provided for them to wear during the trials, but they are allowed to take their clothes. Three sets of undergarments and three sets of swimwear are permitted, as are the celebrities’ rules apart from the red uniform with red shorts, t-shirts, and khaki hats.


The necessities required for their common purposes are allowed for the contestants. It may include toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving kits, medicines, and other items. Several previous contestants have revealed no destruction on these items, but no such item can be taken inside the jungle, which can be used as a weapon to harm other contestants.

Few luxury items

The show format allows the contestants to take some luxury items as well per the rules. The luxury items help them to provide some amount of comfort in the game. It makes the celebrities stronger so that they can fight with their full strength in the game. Only one luxury item is allowed to be taken in “I am a celebrity.”


Makeup is a necessity for many contestants in the game. They need to look good to portray the best versions of themselves. The tasks and trails can be lethargic and tiring, which can have a negative impact on their skin. However, the show has a no-makeup rule. 

Since they are in show business, maintaining their image is important, that is why in some medical conditions, make-up to some celebrities is allowed. The viewers vote for them on Betway by seeing how they are looking on-screen without any makeup.


Cigarettes are permitted at the campsite. In the previous shows of I am a Celebrity, the contestants can be seen smoking cigarettes near the campfire because most of them are addicted.

What Are Celebrities Allowed To Take Into The Jungle: I'm A Celebrity

In the trials, it can be seen that the winner always shows the sportspersonship to take up challenges and win them. The votes of viewers and selection determine the final ranking by celebrities.

Personal belongings

The contestants are allowed to take photographs of their loved ones. It helps them to play the game longer with high spirits. Personal belongings can be anything to which they are attached emotionally. However, for the entire stay, only one luxury item is permitted as per the show’s rules.

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