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Home renovation is a process of modifying and modernizing a home to meet the homeowners’ needs for comfort, space, energy efficiency or other considerations. In this respect, “home renovation” can be defined as any work performed on a building that improves its quality, safety and functionality while preserving its historical value. It not only increases the property value but also helps in eliminating stress. There are many reasons for going for home renovation, such as:

  • Adding new rooms
  • Changing the layout of your house
  • Improving its look

Renovation techniques have been evolved, and they help you accomplish whatever you intend to do with your property. If you want to transform your home hire reliable and affordable builders Kent companies. Here we will discuss some such major types of renovations.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

The first thing that seems to go out of fashion is the kitchen. Rooms are restructured to give it a more open feel, higher-end fixtures are installed, and there is more emphasis on convenience and style. Some examples are tiled floors, sleek new appliances etc. Bathrooms, too, are not spared from this makeover treatment. New accessories, better lighting, modern fittings and luxury tiles are the order of the day.

The benefits that a kitchen or bathroom renovation provides, apart from increased value, are improved ease of living and increased privacy for family members. With a fresh new look, you can even use your kitchen and bathrooms in a newer fashion, thus increasing their efficiency. Since both bedrooms and bathrooms require privacy, the renovation also ensures no compromise on this account.

Lounge Renovation

The most common reason for renovating lounge rooms is adding more space to them through any means necessary- moving walls, extending into the garden etc. A modern open plan layout with spacious rooms is what people aspire for nowadays. An open floor arrangement gives the illusion of more space, added to which are floor to ceiling windows. The lighting is also carefully selected to make the environment look smaller or noisier than it is.

Other modern amenities include living green walls and ceiling-mounted speakers, controlled through an app installed on your mobile devices. More people are becoming aware that what you have at home directly influences how happy you are, both physically and psychologically. So space optimization along with maximum functionality is given utmost importance during lounge renovation, making it one of the most sought after types of renovations today.

Basement Renovation

It is now considered fashionable to convert the basement into recreational rooms where families can spend their weekends. Basements are either converted into bedroom suites with dressing areas and bathrooms, or they can be used as recreation rooms complete with a home theatre, games room etc. Sometimes the basement is also used as an exclusive garage for large cars that cannot fit inside homes these days.

As far as the basement layout is concerned, it can be designed to give you enough space to do whatever you want with the utmost efficiency and functionality. An excellent example of this would be joining two basements together to give yourself more room to move around and enjoy leisure time or adding a study so that all your hobbies can remain intact even after renovation is over.

Garage Renovation

Homeowners now realize the potential of their garage spaces, and many are opting to convert them into multi-purpose rooms. This allows you to make more use of your property, maximizing its potential for added convenience.

Once converted, garages can be used as home offices, studios where you can learn a new hobby or unwind after a busy day at work, playrooms for kids complete with games consoles and television screens, guest bedrooms etc. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what you can do with your garage space!

All that matters is how innovative you choose to be and building companies Essex you choose to renovate it. The options are almost limitless, so if you have extra square footage in your home’s backyard, then all converting your garage into a multi-purpose space can do is add value to your property.

It is a highly convenient option since most garages already have electricity and running water, thereby making the renovation process very easy and quick at the same time. If you hire an expert designer, they will ensure that all safety measures are taken care of while designing a functional yet creative, aesthetically pleasing garage space.

Exterior Renovation

The exterior design also plays a crucial role in home renovation as it reflects your personality and style statement. For example, if you want people to think of you as a modern individual, then choose colours that represent the same such as deep reds or cool blues for woodwork or stucco facades, respectively.

The exterior can also be designed to represent your taste in terms of the colour you use. If you like using bright, vibrant colours, do not hold yourself back but let your imagination run wild! There are no rules for design since everyone interprets what beauty is and how they wish to project themselves. Keep this in mind while renovating the exterior of your house, mainly if you are someone who enjoys entertaining guests regularly because here, too, the outside world will form an opinion about you based on how well maintained or creatively designed your outdoor space is. Some things never go out of fashion, so avoid cliché acute such as red brick houses if you don’t want to be boring.

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