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5 new ways to build links the ultimate guide

Quality backlinks are important for SEO success and eventually for the business. The question though remains on how to get these. By doing it with on-page content optimization, it is easier. By relying on backlinks, you rely on other sites for traffic. It is true to some extent while you can always discuss the terms with the page webmaster.

Getting backlinks the natural way

If a site is good and you have included your link as a part of the page ranking algorithm, people will automatically start linking to it. It might be true in some cases, but may not be at all say reliable Services. You cannot always keep telling yourself that the quality of your content is good and you will have traffic through it. The traffic without any efforts is always less than what you do by successfully promoting yourself. You can resort to many other natural ways rather than just inserting backlinks.

Different ways of building backlinks

Though there are plenty of backlinks through the natural way, spending time on additional ways would never be wasted. There are several acceptable ways and following are some.

  1. Listing your presence in directories

There are numerous quality directories and if you want to be taken seriously, listing your site in these is essential. Potential clients, the search engines notice you easily when listed in the directories. Add to that you have the advantage of getting quality backlinks free of cost. The only drawback is that you would have to wait for some time before being listed in directories of the categories that you wish.

  1. Article directories and forums

Posting in forums and blogs is a valuable way to get some good quality backlinks. The more respected the blog or forum, the better quality backlink you get. You would have to look out sometimes though, as the editor of the blog might edit your backlink out if it does not belong there or is out of context depending on the blog policy. Posting in forums is effortless, but submitting articles to directories is time-consuming.

  1. Announcements and Press Releases

This is not a normal way to build backlinks but is the practiced way of successful businesses. Many sites publish free of cost and also some take a minimal fee for announcements and press releases. A good writ release about an important event is bound to bring you enormous amounts of traffic. But if there are no events, you cannot do all this which is why it is not followed by many.

  1. Exchange and affiliate programs

This is similar to the method of getting quality backlinks through directories and forums. You can offer RSS feeds free of cost to those sites you deem interesting. When the others publish your feed, you will automatically get quality backlinks, which will bring a lot of traffic. This is a good way of getting backlinks and traffic but is expensive.

  1. Social platforms:

Social networking sites are great platforms where you can promote your site through social backlinks. You can promote your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. Followers play an important role when it comes to promoting your site through social backlinks. So buying real Instagram followers is a great choice to go. You can get tons of visitors daily through it.

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