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How and why marketers should use promo codes

Concept of promo codes is rapidly developing, which is being used by many people all across the world. It’s no wonder that the majority of people search for promo codes to find the absolute best in deals and options before shopping like the iGaming experience from tlc188. Today, promo codes are an integral part of shopping. In fact, the use of promo codes in the online market is a great way to increase sales, provided you have rooted a real marketing strategy and accomplice couponing with other actions.

Reasons To Adopt Couponing In Your Marketing Strategy

  • Promotions Increase Sales: Promo codes for first-time shoppers are a way to lower the purchase barrier for potential customers this especially true for online customers as you can capitalize on online customer behaviour which make it easier for a merchant to sell to buyer despite how much competition is out there.
  • Promotions Create A Better Sales Strategy: By running promotions around holidays and key dates, you can convert more sales and add value to keep shoppers coming back. It’s also important to consider that you will face less competition promotion wise on these key dates that aren’t during the big holiday season.
  • Convert A Higher Percentage Of Traffic: Do something your competitors might not be doing for their customers by offering promo codes. Promo codes can decrease cart abandonment, make your retargeting campaigns more effective and helps you track performance on your marketing channels, and more.
  • Increases Your Marketing Area: Promo codes, if used properly, have the effect of increasing or expanding your market reach as many customers will even travel compelling distances to redeem a valuable discount.

The Different Types Of Promo Codes

Customers are always on the hunt for discounts and offer that will give them more for less. So, marketers like you constantly think of creative yet profitable ways to provide them more reasons to make a purchase. Promo codes can come in different forms here are few examples of promo codes:

  • Free Shipping: These promo codes are becoming increasingly popular as a few retailers and stores charge a lot for home delivery. However, most of the time there is a minimum spend tag to avail free shipping. Free shipping is an offer that strikes to most of the shoppers and can significantly increase sales conversions.
  • Gift with Purchase: It practically doesn’t matter what it is, offering a free gift is often all it takes to move a fluctuating prospect to a paying customer. It’s tough to beat the appeal of freebie promo codes. Offering a gift with purchase is a special way to add value to the shopping experience while also driving sales.
  • BOGO Promo Codes: Buy One, Get One Free promo codes can provide substantial savings with select items or product types.


Flooding customers with freebies and discounts form of promo codes does not necessarily result in sales or conversions.  To meet customer expectations, marketers should learn how to use promo codes, when to offer them and how to track them.

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