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Top Tips for Selling Things Online

2020 doesn’t seem like the perfect year for commerce, and this is why many businesses around the world were severely affected, some beyond recovery. With hundreds of millions of unemployed people due to the coronavirus outbreak, many others count their blessings for being able to keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.

With flea markets, fairs, and weekend markets closing throughout the country, many Brits found themselves with various vintage items they couldn’t get rid of anymore. On the other hand, treasure hunters are currently scavenging online stores and marketplaces in an attempt to complete their wardrobe or find beautiful accessories at irresistible prices.

If you want to clean up your closet or simply get rid of some of your junk, online selling is the only way to do it, at least for a while. Here is what to take into account for a successful online platform.

Think about a trustworthy platform

There are hundreds of places where you can put your things on display for everyone to click but not all of them are safe. Asos Marketplace, Facebook marketplace, and various Facebook selling groups can help you sell everything you want without too much hustle, big commissions, or having a website on your own.

The best thing about marketplaces is that you can easily update the status of the available items by simply deleting one post or marking it as “sold”. This way, your clients always know which items to bid on and which ones are still ready to find a new forever home.

Take appealing pictures

If you want people to be interested in your products, one of the first things you have to do is make those items appealing to the public. Take pictures of every one of the items you’re selling, preferably in a neutral decor or in natural light.

High-quality and clear pictures make your marketplace look more professional and can even help you boost your sales.

Don’t forget to take pictures from various angles, especially if you plan on selling clothes and shoes. Another tip would be to always have the clothes clean and steamed, preferably put on hangers or modeled by real people so that customers have an idea about the fit. If you’re photographing shoes, look for various angles that create a 360-degree image, as well as close-ups for details and minor flaws.

Write detailed descriptions of every product

Be as thorough as possible when it comes to describing the items that you put for sale, especially if we’re talking about electronics and other similar devices. Don’t leave out any technical detail you can remember or look for the exact specifications of the product you’re selling online.

For instance, if you’re selling a TV, make sure to state exactly the manufacturer, the size, the type of technology used (LCD, LED, QLED, etc.), the resolution, and any other details that might make it more appealing.

Similarly, if you want to sell your scooter, by reading this article you’ll know which specifications to mention for those interested.

If you’re selling clothes or shoes, specify the size in various country standards (for instance, a dress size 2 US is a size 34 EU or a size 6 UK), the fabric, the brand, color, style, and other details or flaws.

Be flexible

When setting your prices, consider all other additional taxes, including shipping costs or deposits. Be flexible and allow people to negotiate, especially for the items you want sold fast.

Even if the products you’re selling are new, sometimes even with tags on, you cannot ask for the full price people would normally pay in stores, so consider a price reduction of around 20-25% or more.

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