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6 top tips for your new office design

Whether you’re running an established business looking to completely refurbish your office space or add some key branding, or you’re about to set up your very first office space, it’s an exciting time! It’s also a very important task as it represents your company’s image to visitors and can even have an impact on the productivity of your employees. You might opt for simplicity, cutting edge technology or homely comforts, but whatever you’re aiming for, there are some key practical factors to consider. It’s not an easy task, but here are 6 tips to get you thinking about what really matters to your business.

  1. Maximise Open Space

Even the smallest office can feel spacious if you concentrate on creating as much open-plan space as possible. Minimise the number of partitions and barriers to promote a more collaborative atmosphere amongst your employees and rearrange the desk layout. This can also offer more flexibility as employees move to work in teams as needed without having to move furniture. If you’re really struggling with space, some mirrors can give the illusion of more space. With an increased sense of freedom, employees may even feel more motivated and be more productive.

  1. Brand the Office

You’ve branded your website, your marketing, your products, and packaging – the next logical step is to brand your office. Incorporate your brand’s colours in the finishing touches and fabrics and consider wall art which complements your ethos. A large sign of your logo frosted on to a pane of glass or smaller ones printed onto acrylic and distributed throughout the premises are great ways to make the space unique. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to design and order branded signage online from websites such as https://designyoursign.co.uk.

  1. Keep it Light

An office with more natural light has been shown to make people both more productive and happier when they are at work. Try to encourage as much natural light into the office as possible by removing shades and obstacles which stand in front of windows. Limit the amount of artificial lighting in the office (this should also reduce your energy bills). If you do want to include partitions, consider using glass to maximise natural light and maintain an open feeling while creating separate spaces in the office.

  1. Create Break-out Spaces

Gone are the days of rooms filled to the edges with rows of desks and computers. Businesses all over the world are realising that staff need areas to break away from their desk. This can be social areas for lunch or coffee breaks but should also be areas which people can retreat to for a change of scenery. These areas work particularly well in creative businesses where people need to discuss ideas and concepts more freely before committing ideas to paper or screen. Break-out spaces can be formal or casual in their design.

A few small finishing touches can go a long way to making an office feel like a home away from home. Think about some plants, sculptures, cushions or even board games for the break-out areas to bring your office to life and put staff in a positive frame of mind.

  1. Get the Right Furniture

A lot of your budget should be allocated to getting the best quality furniture you can afford. It needs to be durable, functional and it should suit the décor of your office as much as possible. Many businesses are investing in sit and stand desks which give staff the option to stand as they work; sitting still for long periods can lead to several health issues, and office jobs are notorious for this kind of inactivity. Another option to consider is recycled, eco-friendly furniture which could be a great asset in terms of branding as an environmentally conscious company.

  1. Be Organised

Any office needs to consider ways to minimise clutter and keep things in order, but it’s particularly crucial if you only have a small space, to begin with. Consider storage space, personal lockers, and shelving. There are a lot of modern, contemporary and quirky storage options out there so don’t be afraid to inject some personality into the practical elements of your office.

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